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Thread: Vicks for colds

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    angelique Guest

    Default Vicks for colds

    Does anyone know if you can use vicks while pregnant? I have a really bad blocked nose and need something to unblock my sinuses so I can at least sleep.

    Any suggestions

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    I've no idea. You could ring the pharmacy. They're usually pretty cluey on most products. If you can't rub it on your skin, perhaps just having something on a hanky inside your pillow or something might help you breathe.

    Hope you get some relief soon!

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    I have used vicks a few times during this pg and also used it when I was pg with Nicholas and everything was fine. I don't think it has anything in it that would harm bubs.

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    angel_eyes Guest


    I had a cold early on in the pregnancy and my doctor told me it's fine to rub on my chest & back but not to do the inhale in hot water.

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    Hi Angelique

    Vicks is fine to use during pregnancy

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    Melody Guest


    Hi Ange,

    I had the same thing toward the end of my pg & it was really hard to kick. My OB said it was ok to use Otravin Nasal Spray but only once at night before bed, not the 4 times daily recommended etc.

    It was a god send.

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