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Thread: Vicks Vapour Drops while pregnant?

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    Default Vicks Vapour Drops while pregnant?

    Probably a really silly question, but is it alright to suck on some Vicks Vapour Drops during pregnancy? I have the flu, and gargling salty water, taking panadol & vitamin C etc just aren't really working for me.

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    Hi Jodi,

    (Thanks for your post about my DS being scared of the dark...) Apparently according to the chemist Vicks Vapour drops lollies are OK as they are not medicated anyway...

    Perhaps try Fess' nasal spray for congestion?
    Hope you feel better!

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    Thanks for that. And no worries. Hope he settles soon with the sleeping.

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    Hi Jodi,
    I'm in the same vote, terrible cold, I've been told vicks vapor drops and butter menthols are fine, but to watch how many you take they should only be taken occasionally. I was also recommended to suck on hard boiled lollies, as the main idea is to keep your mouth wet, I've been gargling 1 teaspoon of salt to 600mls of water as recommended by my midwife. You can also take cough medicine if your coughing, but check with your chemist which ones are ok while your pregnant.
    Hope this helps and your better soon!!!

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    I had the flu at about 14 weeks and the pharmacist said that Strepsils are ok too (just in case you need/want them).

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    Thanks Leisha. Looks like my flu is finally coming to an end! The vapour drops did a great job soothing my throat.

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