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    jenwren Guest

    Vitamin A + Milo


    I love my Milo and have about 2 cups a day but have just discovered it contains Vitamin A - 525mcg per 100g serving which is 70% RDI. Is this amount ok?. I just remember reading that you should avoid supplements etc containing Vitamin A as it can cause birth defects. It doesnt have any warning/notes on the tin for pregnant women like some drinks do.

    Can anyone help me with this one as I would be upset to have to give up my Milo as well!



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    May 2003
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    I think you'll find that the Vit A from Milo is derived from vegetable sources rather than animal, in which case it is fine.

    My OB in Darwin used to actually recommend Milo to his pg women, as it also contains good high levels of magnesium, which helps minimise leg cramps later on in pregnancy.

    I had a fair amount of milo with my pregnancy with Olivia with no ill effects whatsoever.

    Always check with your Dr, but I would say that Milo is perfectly OK............

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    Hi Jen,

    ... I looked it up on the milo website, and 25g is actually the recommended serving, and it contains 17% RDI of Vitamin A. So you would have to have 4 servings of milo a day to get up to that 70%RDI.

    They always put the 'per 100g' on the nutritional labels, but that is not actually what the recommended serving size is... iykwim!
    So I wouldnt worry at all if I were you!

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    Jun 2003

    Its fine I worried about this too when pg, coz I only drank milo instead of tea & coffee. I checked with my dr and she assured me its fine!


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    Melody Guest

    Jen.... I am sure even worrying about this is causing you to have 92% of your recommended daily stress during pregnancy as opposed to the 'safe' reccomended level of 32.5%

    Take it easy.... unless you have major health concerns (a history of high blood pressure, weight related issues, diabetes etc) then milo is a comfort that can only benefit you

    Don't get too caught up in it all.

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    OMG! You had me worried for a moment.

    I'm not a tea or coffee drinker and love my Milo.

    I couldn't imagine giving it up as well as all the other good stuff we have to give up - soft cheeses, alcohol, McDonalds Sundaes 8-[

    I'm sure it's a safe thing to have. In fact, I'm putting the kettle on right now.

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    It's ok, I avoided carrots in my first pregnancy and only found out this time, it's a different Vitamin A and it's ok. Loser!!!! So milo is prob the same as carrots, in that you can have them. I would say it is mainly liver.

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    Kirsty77 Guest

    Mmmmm Milo!!My doc said its fine to drink during pregnancy, thank god!!!!!!I can't get enough of it!!!!!!!

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    BellyBelly Member

    Apr 2003
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    Milo is fine - and sooooooo tasty!!


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    miss_moe Guest

    go the milo

    i was also recommended to have milo during pregnancy to help with my iron levels. it worked, my iron levels went up towards the end of pregnancy with no additional changes to my diet or iron supplments. so all good i think. plus helped with my massive sugar cravings.

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    I started having Milo milkshakes everyday from about 24 weeks onwards, I wasn`t a Milo drinker before pregnancy, I didn`t even think about the Vitamin A at the time

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jun 2005

    Hey wardy girl

    Quickie: Why should we not eat mcdonalds sundades during pregnancy? Im just asking cause when preg with #1 had a craving so had a sundae and had THE WORST food poisioning for 2 days (i can say now that it was WORST feeling than labour)........what did i eat that was so wrong????

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    Jun 2003

    Soft Serve Machines can be prone to Listeria so they recommend you not eat any type of soft serve during pregnancy. Also remember to ask if you do have a milk shake or thick shake that they are not using soft serve. I always asked when I was pg with Paris, I remember going to carousel for shakes all the time as it wasn't soft serve.