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Thread: Warning - Silly PG Brain Question ahead...

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    Ok, My midwife told me that it all stays together, pretty much.. She said when they do a c/s they check the overies & they are all still where they should be. When I explained my question further, she said she will ask one of the drs for me, but is pretty sure it all stays together & just gets squished allong with the rest of your insides.

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    The fallopian tubes aren't attached to the ovaries most of the time. But in the lead up to ovulation (I always find this really cool!) the end of the fallopian tube (the fimbria) suckers onto the ovary's surface at the point where the egg is going to pop out! So each time you ovulate, the tube will be attached to a different part of your ovaries.

    I imagine when you are pregnant the gap between the tubes and the ovaries will grow somewhat, but after birth, things will settle back down and they'll find each other again!

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    Yeah, I'm wondering that (well said, Marydean). Don't the ends of the fallopian tubes cling to the ovaries so they can grab the eggie and it doesn't get lost inside the body? Surely if they grab onto those little ovaries then they won't be letting go any time soon?

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