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    Does private health cover the full amount for an OB?
    I've got hospital cover with Aust Unity.
    Can you ring them to ask? I've been doing reading on Defence Health's website (this is who we are with). I've posted some info in your other thread about pregnancy costs.

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    Mar 2005
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    I went to an OB with DD, he was a very popular well respected one, and even though I enjoyed the visits (hearing bub etc) he mis-diagnosed me with Gestational Diabetes, and then pretty much missed the birth.
    Also he had soooo many clients, he always forgot who I was (the money should have been enough to make him remember everyone).
    This time Im with team midwives, and so loving it. It was a midwife who did all the delivery last time and Im happy to do that again, but this time for free !!

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    Also found this info:

    Some advantages of using an obstetrician include:
    ï‚· the same practitioner provides care throughout pregnancy, labour and the postnatal period
    ï‚· the location of the practice may be more convenient to you
    ï‚· waiting room time is usually shorter than in public clinics.
    Some disadvantages of using an obstetrician include:
    ï‚· costly, if you have no private health insurance
    ï‚· there are extra costs not covered by health insurance
    ï‚· services that are free to public patients may incur a charge, e.g. blood tests, ultrasounds, childbirth education sessions, anaesthetists
    ï‚· the practitioner may be away during delivery and the covering practitioner may not be familiar to you
    ï‚· childcare is usually not available although most waiting rooms provide toys and books.

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    Jun 2005

    Ive decided to go with an OB and a private hospital for a few reasons:

    1. Childbirth is a very touchy subject in our family because my aunt (mums sister) died from complications resulting from Childbirth. She had high blood pressure in her later pregnancy and end up going into labous at 28 weeks. She died 10 days later and this was only 12 years ago. My mind and that of our immediate family is at ease now that I have a good OB who is aware of this case.

    2. Again, the treatment my aunt recieved in the local public hospital was nothing short of appalling. Sadly, I live on Sydney's northern beaches where the 2 local hospitals were only recently described as 2 of Sydney's worst by the department of health. I cant even walk into the maternity unit of the one my aunty died in without feeling sick.

    3. Problems with Ovarian Cysts and Endemetriosis (sp?) sadly also run in my mums family. I am so aware of this, and have made sure my Dr. knows about this.

    I know it may seem silly to those out there, but knowing that I have the Dr of my choise and a private hospital that has an excellent neo-natal unit etc available is really important to me and sets my mind at ease. Luckily, we have private health care and can afford to pay any of the gaps not covered. I also have a great friend who is a midwife and she is so helpful with information - she agrees that its important to feel comfortable when you are pregnant and thinks my desicion is right for me.

    ahhh sorry thats quite a rant

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    May 2005
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    Hi PrincessT.

    That is an extremely valid reason to go private. I would do the exact same in your case.

    Does it make you scared to think of childbirth because of these issues?

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    I had a very traumatic experience with the doctors at my local public hospital coz I have PCOS they were kind of using me as a guniea pig to test stuff out on. I am looking forward to having one person next time so i dont need to go... I have PCOS and i have this and that etc.

    But I do agree with the midwife thing! On ya Kelly