thread: way TMI, but...

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    May 2005

    way TMI, but...

    ok heres my problem. warning its pretty gross (DH was disgusted when i mentioned to him and cann't beleive i am actually asking you girls)

    i have been getting constipated and just cannot seem to make myself go to the toilet when i want to. this in itself isn't that big a deal, but i can only go after i have really bad cramps and then i sweat heavily and go really cold like i have a fever. then once i get over the inital poo (sorry TMI) all that follows is really bad diarea.

    i was in pain most of last night, first needing to go to the loo and then fevered and faint once i actually managed to start going.

    so i actually have two questions for everyone. first, is this normal?

    and second does anyone know what i can do about it?

    if it continues i will tell my ob about it when i see her next wed, but i just wanted to know if it is something i should worry about now, or if i can do anything about it.

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    Jun 2003

    I fully understand where you are coming from. I suffer from IBS (thanks to PCOS) on and off (haven't had it much since being on metformin) and I did still get it during pregnancy. I would suggest talking to your Dr and asking about a pregnancy safe metemucil type supplement. I had one when I was pg and it definitely helped. The constipation and back up causes the rest of the stool to go soft, irritate the bowels and causes the diarrhoea. It is EXTREMELY painful and there are times where I've nearly fainted from the pain. There is a product called "digest ezy" which is my best friend LOL but you'll need to find out if its safe during pregnancy.

    Goodluck, but definitely talk to your Dr.


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    Custardtart Guest

    hi Misty,
    Not TMI at all, constipation is actually quite common in pregnancy. Part of it might be due to the vitamin supplements you are taking, iron tends to have that effect sometimes. I'd support Cailin's suggestion of taking Metamucil, it's exactly what I was going to suggest. Make sure you have a high-fibre diet with plenty of grains and greens.


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    May 2003
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    You poor chook Misty, and not TMI at all.........I had horrific "bum problems" with my pregnancy with Olivia, despite eating a very fibre rich diet and I also drink heaps of water, but I still had terrible constipation, so I really makes you feel terrible from the pain and the feverish feeling.

    I would support what the other girls day........check with your Dr.

    I investigated with my OB and my midwife, and I ended up having a smoothie every day made with milk (or iced coffee), a banana, along with 3 teaspoons of phylissium husk (which is safe in pregnancy and cheaper than metamucil). All whizzed in the blender. This fixed my bum problems within 48 hours and I have not had any issues since! (Nor do I ever get cramps anymore as the calcium and the magnesium from the bananas are said to really help with pregnancy leg cramping.)


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    ok take 2 of going back to work.....

    Nov 2004
    Giving the gift of life to a friend..

    I have a glass of Metamucil a day, yep it's expensive, but when @ work I just grab it at lunch time & am fine!!! I also try hard to have enough water!!!!

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    Feb 2005

    You poor darling! I was also suffering badly from constipation earlier in this pregnancy so can completely relate to your description! With the recommendation of my Ob, I started a regime of daily Metamucil plus at least one apple and a couple of pieces of licorice a day. Has worked like magic! I don't normally eat apples often (not my favourite fruit) - but they seem to work much better than all my usual fav fruits.

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    Mar 2005
    Sydney, NSW

    I don't suffer from constipation and I put this down to my amazing flaxseed oil. I have a tablespoon every morning. You need to get the one from the health food shop. Great thing about it is it's one of the best oils you can have and is great for bubs developing brain and nervous system! Good luck xoxo

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    May 2004

    You poor thing. As the other girls have said I would definitley invest in some Metimucil. Fortunately I never suffered from it during my pregnancy with Nicholas as I ate lots of fruit and drank plenty of water.

    Good luck, i hope you start to feel better soon.

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    May 2005

    thank you for your replies. it was a releif just finding out that it is not abnormal. this is my first time preggie and the only other people i know who are preggie or have a baby are my sister in canberra and you girls on here, so i'm kinda just making it up as i go along and trying not to panic - IYKWIM

    i sent DH to the chemist to ask what it is safe for me to take - its amazing how ever since i got preggie he will do anything for me

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    Stormi Guest

    Hi Misty,

    I know exactly what you mean - each pg (this is my 3rd) I seem to get to a certain point (around halfway) where I suddenly get terrible constipation, and usually I have just one episode where it just won't come out - I need to go, but..well, it's stuck. It's so bad that you start sweating and feeling like you are going to pass out and it's not fun.

    Another thing that may help, if you don't want to be taking Metamucil each day etc, but which is not for everyone, are Glycerol Suppositories. I am yet to use mine, but apparently they are very effective (and not that expensive, about 12 for $5). I bought mine the other day because I'm booked in for a C/S and apparently with a planned C/S they like you to have "gone" within a certain amount of time before you have it. I'd rather be doing this myself at home than at hospital, and thought I'd have some supps handy just in case I can't go due to nerves or something. But like I said, suppositories are not something everyone is willing to use, but hey, when you get desperate, you'll try anything.

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    Mar 2005


    I actually had the opposite effect, and used my bowels every day- now Im not preggers it's back to once a week, if Im lucky?

    But I just wanted to say you poor angel, Id go see your DR, or try to get into your OB earlier maybe-good luck.xx

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    Jun 2004

    Hey Lucy, that stuff you mentioned, psysillium husk (can't spell it, sorry ) is what metamucil is made of, except they add sweetener and maybe some sort of filler to metamucil...
    Where do you get it just on it's own?
    And is metamucil safe for pg too? It's not something I thought wouldn't be safe, but you guys have got me thinking now... :-k

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    Lee-Ann Guest

    Well I've had times of constipation but I find eating well and the vitamins I take (Blackmores pregnancy ones) tend to prevent me from getting too bad.

    You should be able to get Psyllium Husks from a health food store. Actually I might go and buy some too and make myself some banana smoothies with that added, yummy!

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    May 2003
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    Yep, Metamucil is just phylisium husk plus preservative plus flavours in a nice canister.....for about $12, wheras a bag of phylisium husk from the health food aisle of the supermarket or a health food shop is about $ me tight, but I buy the cheapo version and put it in a tuppware container...........

    And it is definately safe in pregnancy........I haev checked with both my OB's and both my GP's........

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    Sep 2004

    Lots and lots of water, is the easy and most natural way - for me anyway.