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Thread: Weird Movement Sensations - Anyone?

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    Default Weird Movement Sensations - Anyone?

    Hi all,

    I have been having some weird movement feelings going on inside - it feels like jerking, like Jellybean is having a fit. Its sometimes I little stressful as I am hoping the he/she is calm and ok in there.

    I doesn't feel like kicks or Jellybean moving around - its just weird but its more like jerking IYKWIM?

    Could it be hiccups? I get it about 1 or 2 times a day, or every 2nd day.

    Any ideas?

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    I sometimes get the same feelings too. Cant say what they are though, im pretty sure my first did it as well. As for the hiccups, my first had them heaps in the weeks before he was born and they actually felt like hiccups (i.e what your chest/stomach feels like when you hiccup) and were always only down low. Hope that makes sense!

    Ask your Dr next time you see them.

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