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    Welcome to BellyBelly General Pregnancy Chatter

    Welcome to the BellyBelly Pregnancy General Chatter Forum!

    Finding out that you are pregnant can see you with so many questions - How will I feel? What will happen to me? How will I know when I am in Labour? There are many things that you will want to know about!!

    Ask away!!

    Your Moderators of this forum are:

    Divvy - Senior Moderator
    Teeki - Moderator
    Cassius2 - Moderator

    Your Administrator of this forum is Astrolady. You can contact her by email or if you prefer one of the moderators.

    Moderating Team Contact Details

    If at any time you'd like to make a suggestion (which we always welcome!), provide any feedback for this forum or make a complaint, please contact her by email or if you prefer one of the moderators.

    We appreciate all your feedback as it does help to make our forums a much happier, relaxed place to chat! Your comments will be taken seriously and treated with confidentiality, so please feel free to contact us anytime!

    Kathryn, Traveller & Divvy are all mothers and have been through the ups and downs of pregnancy. Schmickers is a father and has supported his DW through three pregnancies. There are also many other BellyBelly members that have been through pregnancy or are currently pregnant and might even be experiencing similar symptoms, situations and thoughts as you. Please feel free to ask any questions - even if you think that they might be "silly" - you will be amazed at how many ladies are probably wanting to ask the same thing but are to scared to ask!!

    You might like to browse through the articles on Pregnancy on the main site! New articles are added every month or two, so keep an eye out for new articles too.

    Best wishes to you we hope that you have a wonderful, healthy pregnancy.
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