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Thread: what is it???

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    Default what is it???

    Hi everyone,

    I have posted in another forum, wondering if I could be pregnant, I still don't know. But i was just wondering if anyone has every had sharp pains in their BB's, pregnant or not. It is rather painful, feels like a knife going through my BB..

    Still another week before I can find out if I am PG, so I am a bit Anxious. 8-[
    I have also been having some period like pains, rather unusual for me without a period, and different to what i usually get. Does any of this sound familiar to anyone??
    I feel really silly and like a kid asking all these questions because I have a DD who is nearly 4, but it has been so long,a nd the only prob I had with her was premmy labour.

    Thank you and if you have any advice as to what it could be, please feel free to reply.

    Cheers Retta

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    Hi Retta - don't feel silly!! I had pains similar to those you describe before I tested... Have you tried testing with the Fortel early test? I got a BFP on it 3 days before AF was due. Good Luck!!

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    Hi Retta,

    I had sharp pains in my bbs aswell before I found out I was pg. It felt like somone was stabbing them with knives. I also had strange tingly and pulling feelings in my lower stomach.

    Hopefully it is all a good sign for you. Good luck.

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    I too had similar pains in my bb's, however mine were a little later on.. after I knew I was pregnant.. good luck

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