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Thread: What are the chances??

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    Cool What are the chances??

    Hey all,

    Im currently 16 weeks pregnant. This is my 6th pregnancy however I have 4 children (one was lost to miscarriage).
    I have had simple easy going relitively boring pregnancies with my other children, and didnt seem to show until later much laster on in the pregnancy.
    This time round however, we are a little concerned that there maybe more than one. And this pregnancy is certainly very different from all my others. I know each pregnancy is individual and unique but I cant help thinking that my first four were so similar.
    This time round I have had morning sickness - well not actually spent time hanging over the pocalin throne, but felt nauseas all day long. Im also experiencing tiredness like I never have before. I could go straight back to sleep an hour after Ive gotten out of bed, I kip in the afternoon, and end up in bed asleep by 9 pm every night (this is unlike me as im usually a night owl).
    Im peeing like a trooper (sorry) have had heartburn problems already (again unusual until much later on) and have a belly that looks like its about 6 months pregnant already. I have also felt movement hapopening for about 3 weeks now (I find it hard to believe its movement because its impossible to feel movement so early right??)
    There are twins that run on my mothers side, however this is going back 2 - 3 generations, my husband has twins on his side as well.
    Unfortunately as I am considered a low risk pregnancy my miswife wont do any ultrasounds until 10th August, and isnt concerned about finding out if its a singleton or double pregnancy until then. Ive been to a doctor about this as well but he is inclined to agree with my midwife.
    So now Im just asking for your thoughts. I know its hard to say because you guys dont know me, but maybe someone else has had the same feelings/thoughts and have been right or wrong ...??? I really dont know. Any comments and advice would be great though!!
    Thanks all

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    Oh and I do apologise for the typos. Oops my bad!!

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    I'm about 16 weeks as well and I have all the symptoms you describe except the size of belly and feeling bubs. BUT this is my first pregnancyand I know that you feel bubs a lot earlier and show a lot earlier as you've had more kids.

    Tiredness is my worst. I honestly could go back to bed about an hour after I get up every day. We've had a coupld of scans already and definitely only one!!

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    If they won't do an ultrasound earlier maybe can your Dr try using a dobbler to see if they can find the heartbeat and if they can see if there is one or two?

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    Hey thanks guys, Im hoping there's only 1 - maybe I should say preying there's only 1 lol.
    Im hoping thats the case with the more pregnancies the more you show and the earlier you feel things.
    We tried for the dopler machine but my midwife told me that she didnt want to do it at that stage (12 weeks) because there was a small chance that the heartbeat may not have been heard due to it being so early still.
    Im thinking I might go back up to the country and make a docs appointment up there because they do things so much differently to how they do it in the city.
    I have had the one appointment with my midwife and doc at 12 and 13 weeks and neither of them will see me again until after I have been contacted by a midwife in the birthing centre at the hospital I will be delivering at.
    (As I said its all because Im considered low risk) I guess thats a good thing. I did go and buy a heart to heart machine only yesterday (its an at home dopler) and tried it, but they say that I wont hear the heartbeat until 21 - 28 weeks with that one. I still did try it and although heard no heartbeat got lots of little kicks, so there is loads of action happening in there.
    Ahh well I guess i can wait a couple more weeks until the ultrasound hey!!
    Thanks for your comments though, they are greatly appreciated!!

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    Hi and congratulations on your pregnancy

    I did not find out I was having twins until 21 weeks, but the symptoms I had which should have warned me were:

    exaggerated pregnancy symptoms (fainting, MS, etc)

    bump showing very early (was my 4th pregnancy though so to be expected)

    kicks starting at 11 weeks

    lots of kicks, simultaneously in ribs and cervix by 20 weeks

    Twins running in families - well it cannot come to you from your husbands side as twins (non identical) are dependant on you releasing 2 eggs. They say it can skip a generation, but not two. So it doesn't sounds like you have a raised risk factor genetically. However I didn't either. The number of pregnancies you have had raises your risk of twins, and the older you get the more likely you are to have them too. But a lot of the time women don't have risk factors and just get lucky

    If you are having twins, please be reassured that finding out later still leaves plenty of time for planning. If you are healthy there is not really anything different they would do with your right now anyway. By now a midwife is more likely to be able to have a listen for a heartbeat/heartbeats but IMO you should put your at home doppler away as more often that not they cause false worry, or even worse false reassurance.

    I hope you find out soon


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    Hi Leekee,

    I feel like you're writing about me in your post
    I've had all of the symptoms you're having, I've been sick 24/7 since 8 weeks and still have it, Arvo nap as well as asleep early at night.
    Up n down like a yo yo to the loo & you should see the size of my belly, I look 6 months and it's my first bub. I have a friend who is further along than me and you can't tell she is preg, another friend is 10 weeks further than me and my belly is bigger.
    I'm a slim size 8 and not overeating but the belly is growing like crazy!
    I keep saying that at our 20 week they are going to find another baby that's been hiding this whole time hehe because I feel so big & the m/s is not easing, hubby & I both have twin grandmas. I also felt movement at about 14 weeks, just the flutters.

    Good luck hun, I'll be keeping an eye on ppl's responses because i'm curious about myself too

    Goodluck hun for a healthy happy preg and labour

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    Omg Traveller how ironic that you posted. I was just reading your twins birth story and came across your name in the TTc section. LOL
    What a beautiful story it is and Congrats - even though its a few yrs later!!
    Yea Im thinking I could just be being paranoid. As said my belly is way out there for the world to see which is unusual for me. And a few extra exaggerated pg symptoms however I guess not normal for multiples!!
    I will put the dopler away for now - lol, although even though I didnt hear heartbeats loved listening to the little one kick away at the object on my stomach - touchy babe right now!!
    Time will tell I guess, although I have my heart set on one (with 4 kids already 1 is quite enough ) if its 2 then twice the fun right!?!
    Thanks for your comment anyways, its good to hear from someone who's been there done that and living the multiples experience!!
    Good luck with everything

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    Hey baby love, its great to know your feeling the same things!! (Well its not but it is if you get me??!! )
    Yea Im in my late 20's, quite tall 5 foot 11 inches and of an atheteic build. So to have this belly out there at this stage is just unusual for me. As a nurse we are all told to assess whats our patients normal limits are and just because its normal for one doesnt mean its normal for another. I guess thats why im a little worried with this one being so different because its out of my normal limits for me!!
    Congrats on your pregnancy and I hope symptoms for you ease up soon.

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