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Thread: What sex will it be...

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    *TamaraP* Guest

    Default What sex will it be...

    I had no idea where to post this, and please don't get any ideas ( I am not pregnanct hehe)

    This is my family heritage :

    My dads mum gave birth to all boys and miscarried two girls, 5 boys in total
    My mums, Mum gave birth to Two of Each (two girls, two boys)

    Alan's family heritage :

    His dads Mum, gave birth to three boys
    His Mum's mum gave birth to 3 of each. (three birls, three boys)

    There are twins on each side and in each group so chances of twins are high for me. But was wondering what the odds and which way do you think the sex of our family will go. Does it go based on what your father has produced and your mother, I am just really interested.

    Here are some more...

    His parents gave birth to three boys (rest of the family mixture of girls and boys, even his dad's brother had a girl)

    My parents had a boy and girl and the rest of the family from dad's side a mixute
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    Tamara, I have no idea! My aunty has 3 girls, and each of those 3 girls have 3 boys each.........

    I am one of 5.....3 boys, 2 girls. DH is one of 3....2 boys, 1 girl. (ANd I have 2 girls and a boy)

    I think it is nearly impossible to figure out?

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    Apparentlly there are links to show that we follow a pattern a similar pattern that exists with either maternal or paternal grandparents and once thats figured out you can predict. But IMO there are too many variables with all the granparents and great grandies!


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    Drat you for constantly dashing my hopes, Tamara!

    The way I've always seen it is that I'm a girl in a long line of girls, DH is a boy from a long line of boys, so it's a 50/50 chance! Oddly enough, my parents are from boy-heavy families (one more boy than girl in each family) and of all their children we have only 4 boys and 9 girls. I'm hoping that Liebling's generation will be boy heavy, as cousin had a girl then that means Liebs will have to be a boy, as will my next one!

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    Isn't it a 51% of having a male over a female or was that just with IVF???

    Hmm, no matter what you're having, you'll get heaps of people swearing it's a boy or a girl.......soooo annoying...and they say it so knowingly!!! Arghhh! Don't people realise it's 50/50?!! Hmm, or 51/49?!
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    *TamaraP* Guest


    LOL - your telling me.
    Alan's mum swears because Alan's dad is from an all male background and because he is from all boys aswell we will end up with all boys...

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    Hmmm....I still honestly believe that it's all potluck! *L* I mean, sometimes you can follow the family trail but I've always felt its more chance than anything else if that makes sense?

    My mum's mum - 7 children (2 boys, 5 girls)
    My mum - 5 children (3 boys & 2 girls)

    My DH's Grandma - 8 children (4 of each). Most of these children went on to have boys. (Ratio of like 4:1)
    My DH's Mum - 3 boys.

    I was so convinced I was having a boy, as my DH's brother also had a son first up. Was kind of surprised (but thrilled as I'd always dreamed of having a daughter) when baby turned out to be a girl.

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    I really can't help you with this one....BUT

    Both sides of the family for me and DH, the girls out weigh the boys quite heavily. And lucky for us we got one of each. I have heard an old wives tale, that if you are the second born to your mother you will have the same order as your mother. Does that make sense??? This was the case for me....It really comes down to pot luck.

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    My mum was second born to her mother - her mum had boy, girl, boy, girl, boy; my mum had m/c boy, girl, girl so that's put that tale to pot! Unless I have a boy, then we can resurrect it LOL.

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    In my family there are three girls (including me) and one boy, my younger brother. In DH's family there are three boys (including him) and one girl, who is the oldest. So we have the opposite! Now DH and I have 1 of each, but will soon have a another girl, so girls are dominating in our little family. We are exactly mirroring my sister's family - she has boy, girl, girl just like us! But SIL has had more boys than girls - girl, boy, boy, girl, boy.

    MIL is one of 7 girls, no boys! Her dad definitely had stronger girl sperm I think!

    Anyway I take all this to mean not very much! All it seems to show me is that these things are pretty much random. DH's father is also a twin, so there is of course the joke that one of us will end up having twins, but so far we have all had singles.

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    *TamaraP* Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by ~Emma~ View Post
    uh it'll be a boy... or girl......
    Or a hermapherdite (if thats how you spell it) ... Like Cartman's mum!! LOL

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    LMAO Tamara - maybe neuter? It could come out with "it's a... what? it's a freak!" Poor love.

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    Hahaha you girls are funny!

    I agree that its potluck!! As long as its "someting" who cares! haha

    My dads mum had 4 boys and he had 4 girls... thats pretty cool

    My sis has 2 boys/2 girls... shes soooo perfect!! hehehe

    One other thing, do twins really run in families? Or is that potluck too?

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    *TamaraP* Guest


    I am pretty sure twins is genetic. or whatever it is...

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    My mum has 8 sisters and I have 18 female cousins & 6 male on that side (first time around... including second cousins its bigger!) and I am on my second daughter....

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    preg_mummy Guest


    this one is interesting....

    My mums mum had 3 girls... mum had a boy (lost at 26 wees) then a girl then a boy

    I had a girl now having a boy

    My partners.. well i dotn know what his mums mum had...
    but his mum had 1 boy and 2 girls

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    mum5boys Guest


    My parents had 2 girls and then a boy, DH's parents had 1 boy,1 girl and then 3 boys.
    I have had 5 boys and just found out number 6 is a girl(99.9%)
    Maybe DH takes after his dad just not in the same order.

    Take Care

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    My dad's side has only ever had 2 boys each generation for as long as they kept records of their family tree, until my dad's generation where he and his brother now have 3 boys between them.

    That must have broken the boy drought, coz my sister and I have 7 boys and 2 girls between us! And my brothers haven't even started having kids yet!

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