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    maggie Guest

    Default what should i buy

    HI, i am just in my 3rd tri (28weeks ) and the last few wks i have started buying items..

    Does anyone have any ideas on how much i should have for when the newborn comes home and for hosp( i know that this would have been asked before ) this is our 1st child. so far we have bought singlets, all in one suits, one cot set, and blanket, and then the bassinett items..

    Should we start getting all the other little items now, like nappies, liners, toiletries, and any thing else, as once baby comes whats the chances we will have time to get it.. does anyone have a great list of all the newborn items they had for they were prepared,, is 28w to early to be finalising all items, i just dont want to get to 30 something weeks and have to still get items.. thanks all

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    Cee_Cee99 Guest


    Maggie - it is never too early.. and anyway, this is the fun bit..

    I've not had a bubba yet, but this is what I've found....

    have you decided what you want to do re: nappies? If you want to use a combo. then it is good to look out for bargins, savings of $10 per box are not uncommon, but only come once every month or two, so maybe wise to stock up if you find a good deal? Apparently Huggies are the best?

    If you want 'fitted' cloth nappies, there is a bit of research that needs to be done on the best type and they are expensive, so best start getting them slowly.. if you want square nappies, by all means get them now as like clothes, everything needs to be washed, and you don't want to be doing lots of washing in the last weeks - best have them already to wash and wait for a nice sunny day and do them all at your lesuire...

    I would not buy clothes - I bought some and so many people have given me clothes that I have way way way too much - I will never get through them (and I'm sure once I actually give birth, more clothes will come)...Have about 8-10 jumpsuits, but that is it.. If you don't get any as gifts and need more you can send DH to buy them anywhere - even Coles has the Bonds ones..

    One cot set is not enough - sorry.. my book recommends 8 sets - yes 8... I have a bassinet so I'll also be useing old pillow cases, and then have asked close friends to buy me cot sets for a gift (not clothes). So maybe you need to look at this item more?

    Do you have a baby bath? They are only about $25 and will save you so much water - and baby bath items? Baby towel, face clothes, etc..

    Do you have a change matt?

    One of the best things to do is pretend you have your baby in your arms now and imagine changing / bathing / feeding etc.. how will you do these things? Is everything in reach?

    We realised that we do not have enought bath rails for her towel! So you may also need individual things that others don't need...

    it is all just so excited - have fun with it..

    Oh, for the Hospital, you may need to bring your own maternity pads (like 2 packets) and your own breast pads (one packet)..

    good luck

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    I can recommend stocking up on a few things like baby bath lotion and nappies because you are right, it is hard to find the time to do that once they are born.

    A very handy little book is the Women's Weekly one that you can buy in newsagents. It's called "Baby Basics". They have little guides on basic essentials such as clothes, nappies, bath requirements etc. that you can look at and pick and choose what you need from there.



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    Lorin Guest


    Being so young and earning hardly anything a wee i started buying things from about 15 weeks onwards, like seriousely buying things. I went on a big shop and put a whole heaps of bottles, sterylisers, dummies, towels, toys, wraps, clothes, socks, beanies, shampoos, conditioners, powders, bonds suits, travel wrab - being a rugg, cot sets x 3, BIBS - u can never get enough of them, wipes, etc.
    Umm other then that i have cot, bath + stand, change table, 2 x prams, 2 car seats, baby carryer - the front ones, blankets, play mat, rocker, port-a-cot, etc Hmm i got heaps of clothes all diff sizes from my baby shower!
    I got 3 packs of Nappies but i am still buying more - different sizes as you never know what size bubs you are having.
    I still have plenty to buy but i am nearly there so when i have finished buying stuff i will then save for the time i have off!!!
    I am only 25 weeks pregnant i am so happy i ahve all these stuff.

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    Definitely start buying nappies, wipes and toilettries (baby bath, shampoo etc) now.
    The best shower gift I was given was a huge laundry basket FULL of this stuff and boxes of nappies. We didn't have to buy nappies for her first two months, and the baby bath and shampoo only ran out recently (DD is 19 months old)!

    We are stocking up on all that stuff already for this baby because it was wonderful to never have to worry about it running out the first time.

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    If you are going to use disposibles -Nappies Nappies Nappies. Keep an eye out at the weekly catalouges that clog up your mail box for who has a special on - we use huggies and between Safeway, Coles and IGA you usually are able to get them on special with $10 off. It will still be cool when you bub's arrives so singlets and you can get the little t-shirt type of singlet that does up in the crutch which I found handy in winter - singlet, then the t-shirt type of top then clothes to keep warm on cold days. Mackenzie wasn't a vomiting baby so we really only went thru one change of clothes a day and for the first few months she lived in all in one jumpsuits. We were given gorgeous outfits as gifts when she was born so these were worn when we went out. In regards to bedding, we had 3 changes of sheets and cot blankets. Just in case we had a wet thru or if the washing didn't get done. I only had one under blanket/matress proctector and only had to resort to using a blanket underneath one night when Mackenzie was sick in bed and it went all the way thru to the protector too. We didnt' use wipes at home for the first 6 months - we used warm water with fase washers. We just couldn't bring ourselves to putting a cold wipe on her bottom in the middle of winter. (I had a travel pack of wipes for when we were out) I bought a few packs of the softy face washers from target - all bright colours and used them. I had white ones for her bath - that way I didn't get the bum washers on her face. I know they were washed but just didn't like the thought! We were given so many clothes as gifts we didn't really need to buy much. I found I had to buy a few new all in ones as she grew but before I knew it she was in 'big peoples' clothes most of the time. I also buy a lot of clothing at the end of each season for the following year. I always seem to find a bargin. I ramble a bit so I hope this helps.

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    Lorin Guest


    Also if you go to --- [url][/url]
    I found this was helpful as well.

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