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Thread: What to take to the Hospital and have ready on return home?

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    Red face What to take to the Hospital and have ready on return home?

    Hi All

    This is my first experience and I am hoping to get some real advice on what I should take to the hospital for me and my baby? The magazines and books all say different things and I am soo confused? Some advice would be great?
    The other list I need some help on is exactly what I should have at home waiting for our return? Again mags & books have huge lists and I have no idea what is or isnt required?
    Can anyone please help?

    Thanks so much

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    Ghada Guest



    Yes i know what you mean about ll the books and mags having different ideas etc.

    At the hospital, you'd most likely need to pack a bag for you and one for bub.

    In your bag, you can pack anything you feel you might like to use during labour (aromatherapy oils, heatpack, socks, nightie, tissues, maternity pads, etc) also, you will need some stuff for after the birth (pj's or nighties - about 3/4, comfy everyday outfit, going home outfit, changes of underwear, maternity bras, maternity pads, breast pads, toiletries, pen and paper, magazines, etc).

    In baby's bag you wouldnt really need that much unless youre not planning on having bub dressed in clothing from the hospital during your stay. But generally youd need - nappies, wipes, shampoo, singlets, wondersuits, going home outfit, mittens, hats bootees, cotton balls, etc)

    I have a small list up on my site if youd like to have a browse, your more than welcome to: [URL][/URL]

    For coming home, you would of course need a safe car seat for bub, somewhere safe for baby to sleep (cradle/bassinett/cot), lots of singlets/bodysuits (these are better) wondersuits, comfy newborn outfits, bunny rugs, toiletries, etc.

    Thats a condensed version though, lol...but im sure many will be able to point you in the right direction.


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