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Thread: when to buy clothes??

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    Hey everyone,
    I have a bit of an odd question. I was wondering what to do about my increasing waist line. Do I go a size up in pants until i am much bigger and then go to maternity clothes or do u buy maternity clothes from as early as 12 weeks. I need to do something as I am living in my trackies as they stretch over my balloon (belly).
    And when buying maternity clothes do u buy the size you are normally???
    Told u it was a bit odd
    Cheers Amy.

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    I agree with what Charli said, plus when you do buy maternity clothes it is usually the same as your normal size, but like normal clothes, maternity clothes sizing varies a lot from brand to brand too.

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    Like the others have said, it is really up to you. Personally I found maternity clothes to be a lot more comfortable, but at 28 weeks pregnant, I'm still not big enough for maternity stuff so I am wearing a lot of stretchy fabrics - fitted waistbands are just so uncomfortable! I've found that maternity clothing sizes seem to be about a size bigger than regular clothes in every brand I've tried (probably to allow for a bit of erm, 'expansion' during pregnancy in butt and thighs). ie: a size 8 maternity is more like a 10 in regular clothes.

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    I bought maternity clothes when i was around 10 weeks as i was that bloated already. I found buying a size up in pants didnt really work as where it would fit my stomach, the rest or the pants were too big (crouch area etc). At least maternity wear caters for your normal size plus a baby bump, rather than just being bigger all round.
    I also bought some of those maternity belts for pants i can no longer do up but still fit everywhere else. Either those ones that Charli was talking about or the type that are just stretchy material and go all the way around you.. theyre also a fashion item atm

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