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Thread: When to come of progesterone pessaries

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    Hi, i am appr 7.5weeks preg,i go for my 1st scan nxt week. This was a natural conception, after amny yrs of trying, but due to past history(2) of miscarrages, both lost around 6weeks, so this is good for me going past this time, i asked my IVF specialist if i could go on pessaries for some extra support. I had grat HCG levels, so i know that was all ok,. he was happy for me to go on the pessaries, and gave me 3weeks worth.. If all is ok at my scan on wednesday wondering if i should get another prescription for some more progesterone .. I know on a natural preg, most people dont need to go on support, and i have had no spotting or anything so far, to indicate that there is a problem, but due to past history, should i stay on it, until at least a few more weeks, or would my body be producing enough progesterone now to support the preg...


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    Hi maggie,

    a simple BT can check your P4 levels and maybe this is something you can discuss with your Dr. If it comes back a little low, I'm sure he'll be happy for you to continue on the pessaries for a while. If it comes back high-ish, you may well be able to stop!

    Good luck and hopefully you'll get some comforting results. Here's to a H&H pregnancy for you!


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