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Thread: When did your cramps go away?

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    Default When did your cramps go away?

    I can not remember how long the PMS type cramps lasted with my first two pregnancies, and I'm wondering if anyone else can help me find out if it is normal to still have them now. I am just over 12 weeks, and everything else seems to be fine. Heard bub's heart at 10 weeks, and no bleeding or spotting at all. I guess it's just a pregnant woman's nature to worry, but it does bother me a little - is it OK that they are lasting this long? Will they go away soon, or does this last throughout pregnancy for some women? Is this braxton hicks contractions that I can feel, because I've had two prior pregnancies? (I know they start quite early in pregancy, but normally, you don't feel them.)
    Someone please put my over-active brain to rest and help me out with this question! Thanks!

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    Hey Cricket,
    Sorry, can't help you with the Braxton Hicks question cos this is my first PG, but I have had cramping off and on since BFP. It does come and go and the doc said it is perfectly normal as although bubs is only tiny, the uterus has almost doubled in size, making for a crampy/uncomfortable feeling.

    Good luck!

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    I think I was still having cramps until about 14/15 weeks, but they had got much milder by then.

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