thread: When do you start to gain weight?

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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2005

    When do you start to gain weight?

    Does anyone body know when your normall begin to gain weight or is there no such thing as 'normal' when it comes to be pregnant!


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    Apr 2003
    Western Australia

    My ob says that weight gain is a totally personal thing and someone saying that you are not putting on enough weight or that you are putting on too much weight is nonsense.

    The best person to advise regarding weight gain is your health provider who will monitor you from early pregnancy right through to the birth (and so on). They know how much you weighed early pregnancy and your body type so can advise on your personal weight fluctuations.

    So, as you say, there is no such thing as "normal" in pregnancy!!

    Best wishes - hope this helps

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    Melody Guest

    I'm with Kel, it is just so subjective. I only put on 2 kilo's in the first trimester which is fairly average but take into account some people have massive boob growth (which weighs a lot) & there is a lot of extra blood being produced etc. so they may put on more than that, or suffer m/s & actually lose weight.

    Trust me.... I lost my mind worrying about weight for the first 26 weeks but now I can honestly say that if you put that energy into making healthy choices (good nutritious meals) then your actual weight is irrelavent.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Mar 2005
    Sydney, NSW

    I agree with Melody, as long as you're doing the best you can weight is irrelevant. WHilst I have upped my junk food intake (sometimes being the only thing I can stomach), I know that I am having alot of fruit and vegies and being really healthy as well. I have put on quite a bit, just because Im eating more than usual, but Im totally happy with that. I just try to balance what I eat. I usually have a treat each day (usually dessert, have become a sucker) and lots of carbs, but I will have bread with pumpkin soup or something like that, so it's healthy as well.

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    Feb 2005

    I knew I could count on the BB girls to make me feel better. I haven't actually started to gain weight yet, but feel bloated.

    I asked the Q because today I was talking to my very small skinny work friend (and I use the term friend loosly) about how I have a wedding to go to in the middle of August and I won't have any pants that will fit me as I will be 14 weeks and she said "No you should be showing at all at 14 weeks and all your pants should fit you" :mad: Just because some women are lucky and don't show for a long time doesn't mean I will be one of those lucky ones ~ in fact I am positive I won't be. She also loves to continually tell me how she carried no weight other than her belly bump and from behind you couldn't even tell she was pregnant ~ uuuuuuurgh 6 more months of listening to her ***** is going to do my head in.

    Sorry I should have taken this to the punching bag!

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    Jun 2005

    my OB does not belive in weighing you at all, no scales in his consulting rooms. As long as as im healthy and baby is growing well, thats his main concern.

    With everyone having such different body shapes, genetic makeup etc, there really is nothing normal. There are ladies who put most on in the 1st half and little afterwards and then there are others that lose weight initially due to morning sickness etc and then gain weight later.

    Its all very personal indeed.

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    Feb 2005
    Mid North Coast NSW

    hi serena,

    i agree with the others - as long as you are making healthy choices then that is all that matters.

    having said that, i have found it hard as i have put on more weight than i would like to. but i think it is better to put on too much than not emough?
    and for the wedding - hey, but something new, and if you have a baby belly - be proud of it and show it off!!


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    May 2005

    i'm not quite sure how much weight i've put on. basically i put on 3kg overnight when i fist fell pregnant (my boobs went from a DD to an E cup - not good). then from that weight i lost about 4-5kg over then next couple of weeks (i look much thinner in the face) but at the same time, i am now finding it hard to fit into my size 16 clothing. i understand why the tops don't fit, but my pants are too tight too.

    so technically i have lost weight (about 2kg) but have actually gone up a cloths size and i'm only 9 and a half weeks pregnant.

    sorry if i confused anyone with my writing, not sure if i'm making sense :-s :-s

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    Mar 2005
    Sydney, NSW

    The midwives Im seeing won't weigh us either which is great!!
    I have a friend who is very thin and she has always told me she only gets a little bump and looks not pregnant from behind etc. Anyway, she is pregnant and is huge, so I would say the ones having a go at you are probably overexaggerating anyway!!! And I don't know anyone that would fit in their normal clothes at 14 weeks, not without the clothes feeling tight anyway. I definitely am out of my clothes but people still say Im not showing (they just can't see the huge amount of fat I've gained) LOL..

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    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Hi Serena,
    I would have to agree that there is no 'normal' as far as weight gain goes... Some people can put on very little, and may even lose weight in their first trimester.
    And some people can put on a lot more, like me - who put on 40kg 8-[

    I started noticing my weight gain very early in my pregnancy - I even noticed that I was putting on weight before I had even found out I was pg!

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    ok take 2 of going back to work.....

    Nov 2004
    Giving the gift of life to a friend..

    I am short & with first preg my belly was unable to squeeze into my jeans around 22+ wks & this time I could not fit into even my looser waisted pants at 10wks!

    My boobs went from a C cup to a FF within about 6 wks! I am still in FF, but with first was in a G cup...

    My boobs have outgrown some of my maternity tops due to my breasts being squashed & forced flat! 8-[ So now I ahve Large Maternity tops! Man they are gonna be hangier after this!

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    Lee-Ann Guest

    I agree with what everyone has said, it can vary from person to person.

    With my first daughter I showed by the time I was 12 weeks and bought loose pants, but the weight gain wasn't too bad. With my second daughter, man, I put on so much weight and was in maternity clothes easily by 14 weeks!

    With this pg, it's so the opposite, I've put on 4kg and I've only just decided that wearing my tiny jeans are uncomfortable and I'm into my bigger sized jeans. My stomach has only just started to pop out now. So each pregnancy varies too. I thought I'd look about 8 months pg by now, cos I've already had 2 children, but I had some one ask me last week "Oh, are you pregnant?" So it's different from person to person and with each pregnancy too.