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Thread: when will i see him :rolleyes:

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    Smile when will i see him :rolleyes:

    hey girls i was just wondering i had my 32 weeks scan today to see if my placenta has moved away from my cervixs and i had my last scan 12 weeks ago and my placents has only moved a little still not enough for a natural birth will it move up cos in 12 weeks its only moves very little dose this mean will i see my little man in 5weeks and 5 days time thought a c/section or in 7weeks and 5 days when thats my due date very confussd at moment and i wont be seeing my doc til friday has this happened to anyone else im very

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    I was told my placenta was low over my cervix at my 12 week scan. i am hoping it has moved by my 18 week scan. I don't want a c/s & wll do anything to avoid it. I will still want to try a natural birth. I wouldn't put my baby at risk but I wont just giev in & say oh ok book me in then.

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    Default Don't worry everyhting will be fine.

    I had the same problem with you when I had my 12 weeks scan but the placenta move out of the way at my 32 weeks scan. Thought, I still had a c/s when I was 39 weeks because my daughter turn her head up to be feet breech position. I know that I may not help in answer your question but I would like to give you a support that everything will be fine no matter which method will you hve to do to deliver your baby. C/S is not as bad as you though. Good luck.

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    This is exactly what happened to me. I asked for a final scan at 37 weeks to check for sure that it hadn't moved far enough. Although mine didn't move I didn't book in the c/s until we made absolutely certain that the darn thing was staying put where it was.

    On the plus side, knowing her delivery date meant we were totally prepared, even the cars got washed beforehand! And the c/s ended up being a completely positive experience for us (my birth story is around here somewhere... here it is [URL=""][/URL] ). Once I knew I had no choice I stopped thinking it was unfair and just focused on the best way to prepare myself and made sure I did everything I could to speed up my recovery.

    Also I know a lot of Mums end up with emergency c/s and I told myself that would be much worse than an elective c/s. So all in all it certainly isn't the worst case scenario for a birth. It's making me look forward to my next pg too, knowing there's a great chance of a vbac will make it completely different to this time!

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