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Thread: when's the earliest people have lost the plug

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    Default when's the earliest people have lost the plug

    Didnt have any labour signs or symptoms with DS#1 so was just wondering when was the earliest people started to lose the mucous plug prior to going in to labour. I'm only about 28 weeks now and would have thought it a bit early yet but have spotted stuff once or twice that I'm wondering about (only really little bits though).

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    With Lindsay, I lost the plug the day before he arrived and I didn't lose it with the girls until labour was established.

    Don't worry about the stuff you have spotted, sometimes you can get a little come out after vigorous BDing or if you have done alot during the day sometimes. There are so many different reasons why we have a bit of spotting during pg and most of them are no cause for concern. I remember after I mowed the lawn when having Lindsay at about 28 weeks, I had a tiny bit of bright red spotting, so naturally I got worried, but the dr reassured me it was nothing (and DH banned me from the mower!). I would only really worry if it was accompanied by cramping.

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