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Thread: Wheres my blonde locks going??

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    Unhappy Wheres my blonde locks going??

    OMG i swear ill be bald by the time this bub comes along.....

    My hair is falling/pulling out at a rapid rate......why????????

    This never happened with DD, so why this time....

    Dh is forever saying 'Cant you keep your hair in your head not over everything'?.

    I am always pulling it out of DD's so sick of it!


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    Hi - do you think that is is still from your DD? I have heard that you can lose hair after the birth and since she is still young maybe your hormones are regulating? One theory i read is that in PG your hair gets thicker as you lose less (this is happening for me) so it can feel like you are losing a lot afterwards (I think about 6 months later). Just an idea...

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    It's very normal after having a baby, usually starts a couple of months in. I lost handfuls a day after having my kids, it was everywhere. So I'd say this definatley has more to do with just having a baby rather than being pregnant again

    The theory is that when you are pregnant, you don't lose much hair at all, you know how usually you are meant to lose 100 hairs a day or something, but when you are pregnant, you don't lose much. However, it starts dropping out heaps after you have a baby.

    I found mine settled down after about 6-9 months. The most annoying thing is the regrowth, you will find new hair will start growing around your hairline, leaving really short bits for a while.

    My hair got so bad after DD, I lost so much everyday that it got all through DDs washing. One day she had cried all day and I didn't know what was wrong, she was wearing one of those suits with the feet sewn in. That night when I was bathing her, I took notice of her toes and she had a piece of my hair wrapped so tight aroudn one of her tiny toes that it had gone almost black. I had to rush her to hospital, crying all the way about what a bad mum I was. They managed to get it off with surgical tools, and her toe was fine....but that's how much of a pain my hair was! After that, I always checked her toes and checked inside the feet of her bunny suits.

    Enough will slow down and it will all grow back, so definately dont' worry, all completely normal!

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    Kimbaz - I have to agree, I think it is more likely the affects of having your DD. I lost LOADS of hair when my DS was about 4 months old and onwards . The regrowth was a hairdresser's nightmare!

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    Thanks ladies.....i was thinking there was something wrong with me!!


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    I feel like I would be throwing a spanner in the works here, but I am 21 weeks along and my hair is falling out in the handfuls... My DD is 5yo so I don't think it is anything to do with just having a baby (for me anyway). I have been wodering the same thing... I can just run my hands down my hair and get a handful of hair... DP is always commenting on how much I am losing. When I brush my hair I usually have to empty the brush twice before I have finished brushing. If I had jsut had ababy I would understand why, and I don't remember what things were like with DD, but it is a bit worrying.

    Hopefully things will settle down soon, but Kim, for you, I hope it is jsut because you have not long had a bub.

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    When i'm preg i lose STACKS of hair. Mine hasn't stayed in during either pregs....and both are girls. It's damn ridiculous just how much of it is all over everything. I hate it! Must be a hormonal thing???

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    I have read it is perfectly normal to have either extra bushy hair or falling out in handfuls when you are pregnant. I wouldn't be too worried as it will go back to normal once your hormonal state returns to normal. Just make sure you don't clog up the vacuum cleaner/ shower drains in the meantime.

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