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Thread: Who to call hosp or OB

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    Default Who to call hosp or OB

    I currently don't have a problem I'm worried about (hopefully I won't) but in threads I read people saying call the hosp for reassurance or call your OB. Who is it best to call? Or is it a case of if you have an OB call them but if you are going public and don't have an OB you call the hosp?

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    Unfortunately I experienced a lot of problems with my pregnancy. I was lucky to have a brilliant Ob who really took great care of me/us. I took the approach that if my "problem" occurred during business hours I called the Ob's office. If however my problem occurred outside of regular business hours I would call the hospital. Often if it was something the hospital felt the Ob should know about they would get hold of him for me from whereever he happened to be (golf course, restaurant, home etc). Places that I would not have wanted to disturb him unless it was really necessary. Why don't you ask your Ob what process they prefer? I hope that by being so prepared you will not have any problems. xx

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    I had a private OB but when I came down with a bad tummy bug at 34 wks I called the hospital. They had me come in and they called my OB when I got there.
    I think if I'd called my OB he just would've said go into the hospital and I'll see you there so I don't think it makes much difference really.
    ETA it was a Sunday night, if it had been during business hours I probably would have called his rooms.

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