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Thread: Why @ 28 weeks

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    Default Why @ 28 weeks

    I was just reading the prem labour thread in this section and was wondering if anyone knows why a lot of people appear to go into pre-term labour at around the 28 week mark? What is it about this period in pregnancy?
    When I was 27 weeks pg I was talking to a friend who had gone into labour at 28 wks and then went onto have a full term baby - then I went into labour just after 28 weeks. From reading the thread mentioned above it seems not uncommon that this happens.

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    Its hard not to think that it is common when it happens to you and you do some research into it. All I can say is that at 28-30 weeks you are a viable pregnancy and everything will be done to help you go on and delievery a healthy baby at close to term but in many cases the little one does come early. I'm not sure whether the size of bubs and the weight can be contributing factors with Pre term labour. I had a friend that went into PTL at 20 weeks and at 40 weeks was still hanging around.
    Unfortunatly some bubs are eager to enter the world.
    I'm sure if we had a history of post edd dates we would know the down or up side to that...lets hope for the next one

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