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Thread: Will this do any harm?

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    Default Will this do any harm?

    Lately, Lily keeps throwing herself onto my belly and it hurts quite a lot when she does it. I'm scared she might be hurting the baby? It's hard to stop her from doing it, she is so quick!

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    Kameron used to do that to me all the time and Lachlan turned out fine. There is plenty of stuff surrounding bubs


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    I usually have my 2 fighting over who gets to sit on my lap resulting in my belly being pounded! I'm sure you'll be fine, just a bit uncomfortable at the time though.

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    I'm having the same problem

    Most times she doesn't hurt me so it's ok but a couple of occasions she's dug an elbow or knee in and made me jump!

    I've been talking to her about my belly and the baby in there, and that she needs to be gentle around mummy's tummy and she does seem to understand on some level - it's just that sometimes she forgets. Constant reminders seem to be the go, she is getting better. She kisses my tummy and brings things to it from her toybox lol.

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    I worry about the same thing Tegan. Because I know I'll be having a repeat c/s I've been telling Jacob for some time now to be gentle with my tummy and most of the time he's pretty good, but he still has his moments and loves using me as his own personal climbing post LOL.

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    whoop whoop or not, not sure yet!!!


    My son head butted my stomach during this last pregnancy and it really hurt as it was right where the baby was sticking out at the time. my doc indicated that the baby would be fine - he said if it was an adult or a car accident it might have enough force but my two year old wouldn't have enough to do any damage cause bubs is so well protected. Bubs turned out fine

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    I am glad I'm not the only one this happens to. Cameron was pretty used to jumping all over me but we have now reinforced it into him that he has to be careful and that the baby is in there.
    He ends up either pulling my shirt up to poke my belly button, kissing my tummy to say sorry or bringing a train for bubs to play with. Trains are his special toys so this is cute to see that he is sharing already. Once bubs gets here may be a diff story.

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