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Thread: Will I get my appetite back in 2nd trimester? Hope so!

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    Question Will I get my appetite back in 2nd trimester? Hope so!

    Since about week 6 of my pregnancy, when the nausea hit me pretty bad I have found it hard to eat certain foods that I always liked before...... foods don't taste the same to me anymore either.... is this normal? Like I luuuurrve potato chips but lately can't even stomach them.... I enjoy salad sandwiches but lately even those don't appeal to me.... nothing is really appealing to me at all and most meals, i have to make myself eat the food so that i'm being healthy. Last night DH cooked up a beautiful chicken crockpot meal that was so tasty yet i found it hard to enjoy if that makes sense?

    I find I've been having alot of fruit smoothies or juices; they go down pretty good.....

    I had really bad MS from weeks 6-8 and the last 2 weeks have been pretty good.... just mild nausea 24/7..... I'm eating more than i was 2 weeks ago anyway.

    Will 2nd trimester bring back my appetite perhaps along with my energy levels? Or can some women be like this all through their entire pregnancy? I'm looking forward to enjoying food again seeing as I'm a food fan!

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    Hey Renstar!
    I hope that the second tri treats you better than me!! I still have terrible morning sickness every morning! Plus I still struggle eveyday to eat - NO food appeals to me at all! If I find somthing that I like - healthy or not - I go for it!
    Since the start of my preg I have been unable to eat veggies in the traditional way - So I have them roasted or I have veggie juice as I cant stand the feel of them and I dont keep them down!!

    I am able to eat alot of fruit - I crave it acctually and some days have 4-5 pieces! I guess thats better than eating junk all day!

    AS for your energy levels - mine have reterned to nearly normal - I just find that If i go to gun ho at something that I get puffed! I am able to walk normally again as well.

    I hope that Some of my ramble has helped!!


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    It depends on each person but generally you will feel like eating more during 2nd tri. Maybe not as soon as you hit 2nd tri but sometime during. It's also when you'll start all the cravings! Some people do get m/s up to 3rd tri and even up to the birth. I hope that's not you though!

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    With Chelsea i couldnt eat much other then fruit the whole pregnancy...Jasmine i got it back in tri 2...but by tri 3 i would get full really easily so appetite ran away again!

    This time i had that few weeks where i didnt want to eat (and you told me i had too..LOL)...but all good again now!!

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    I'm just starting to get my energy and appetite back now in the last couple of days.
    I'm also able to drink alot more which I was struggling with, I think that is helping me feel a bit better to.
    I just started on pg vitamins as well as I was really run down with being very selective about what I eat.
    I love my food but didn't feel like anything and something that I would normally would love was just, "yeah okay, looks like it will stay down so it was good"

    So, Yes you should start to feel better, sounds like you are improving already with the m/s.

    GL Hope you feel better soon


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    Sounds a lot like I was. I felt HEAPS better in the 2nd trimester, but I was too big to be able to finish a meal in the 3rd. I remember being in hopital the day after I had Caeleb and was shocked that I could finish a meal. Try vegemite on toast. I lived on it for ages while I had nausea. I think because it's salty?!?

    Try to keep your tummy full always. Snack on dry crackers and sip ginger beer through-out the day. Might help to eat something before you get out of bed in the morning too.


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    Thanks girls for ur stories. It's nice to hear i'm not alone!

    Yep i feel it's really important to keep food in our bellies when pregnant, hence i eat every 2hrs and no later than that.... if i leave it late, i start feeling really 'off' and nauseous and fatigued easily. I'd say the worst of my MS is over (YAY!) and now it's just my moods & tiredness hitting me!! LOL

    Celsie, yeah i eat heaps of vegemite on turkish bread and toast lately! I just love it! Although I got really upset yesterday as i got home made myself some turkish bread toasted, spread the margarine...only to find that i'd left my vegemite at work!!! grr! I was so annoyed as that's all i wanted to eat!!! I am a bit tired of sipping ginger ale and ginger beer, it's boring now! I loved it at first and it does help....
    I have a good feeling that i will have my appetite back, i just hope it's sooner rather than later.....

    ** When is strawberry season?!? I can't find any beautiful lush sweet strawberries anywhere!!! And i really crave them lately.....
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    i hope the 2nd trimester is better for you..i know personally i was the same as u in the first trimester but now i am back to normal (so to speak) & can eat most foods again

    i hope it works out for you

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    Hi Renstar

    I think I was talking to you in TTC.. Congrats in your pregnancy! (I am 5wks pregnant too!!)

    With pregnancy #1 I had shocking nausea and no appetite for 14weeks, all I could tolerate was baked potato with a little salt and butter... great for morning sickness.

    Hope you feel better soon

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    LucaJack'sMum - congrats on your pregnancy!!! Well done!

    yeah lately i've been feeling alot better and less nausea, but still off my food certain times of the day and it can vary day to day..... but most days are pretty good thankfully! dinner times are the hardest. lunch is easy cos i'm usually starving!

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    Hey Ren!!!!

    I know how you feel hun, except I lost my appetite in the second tri! it's was very weird. I still wanted all the normal foods during the first tri, but I had no energy to make any of them! A bit silly, I know But if anyone offered me a meal, I wouldn't pass it up!

    Don't worry hun, just try and eat as balanced as you can, don't go to any extremes with anything and you should sail through ok. Hugs!

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    Helly, you are 27wks!!! wow!!! thats gone so fast!

    yeah lately i have had a big taste for ...... toasted turkish bread with vegemite on it mmmmm sooo good!!

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    its tough ren when you know you need to eat to stop the nausea but find it hard to work out what exactly you feel like eating!!

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    AJP - you couldn't have said it better!!

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    Ren, with my first pregnancy, I was at my family Christmas party at about 20 weeks or so and realised that I was STARVING! It was the first time that I hadn't gone "food - ewwww!" since about week 6. I ate SOOOOO much that day and had threee desserts So, chances are that in the 2nd tri at some stage you will start to get your appetite back

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