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Thread: Will I know?

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    Question Will I know?

    Will I know when my waters break?

    With my previous pregnancies, my waters leaked during labour, I had ARM with one, and no amniotic fluid at all with Noah.
    So, you might see my concern. I am more worried about my waters breaking whilst I am in the pool. Do you think I would notice? Is there a popping sensation? Do you think I will notice if it happens in the shower?

    As I mentioned, I have no idea and would love to hear others experiences and feelings of when their waters broke.

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    My waters broke while i was having dinner at my local pub I thought i had wet myself (my pevlic floor muscles were the best!) but when i kept leaking, i knew that wasnt it. I leaked for 24 hours untili went in for my c/s. So you should know if you've done it if you're in a pool, htye should keep leaking after you get out...

    If you're not sure, best to go see your drs.

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    Lisa I feel exactly the same!!! The ultra sound guy said there wasnt much fluid around my bub so this worries me too. I have a dr. app today anyway so i will speak to him about it and relay anything useful for you

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