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Thread: Wondering about sore BB's

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    Hi there mummies to be,
    I was wondering if i could get a bit of advice. A lot of ladies say that a sign of pregnancy is sore bb's. I've had sore bb's for over two days now. I've never had this before. They feel like when you do a work out a the gym and are achy.

    If you had sore bb's what did they feel like, if you can explain it.


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    With non-pg sore breasts, I had to hit them to check if they were sore (except on O-day, when I had to go bra-less because that was just too much).

    This time, they felt all sort of sweaty (but not sweaty when I checked), itchy (like post-workout) and sometimes they'd hurt without me doing anything; I could be just eating breakfast or walking to the car and ouch! Just a sharp jab of pain, like when someone hits you on the head with some plastic pipe or you walk into a door - it soon goes, but it hurt! It was completely different to normal - no O pains, no LP pains... they did start to feel a bit heavier and they grew about an inch too, but that was early on and they stopped growing early on too. Now they're only sore if I hit them to see if they're sore, so maybe no more changes for a bit? Who knows?

    HTH and good luck Dan!

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    Mine were itchy, really, really itchy, and an aching/pain type sore feeling. I remember being at a party, and I had to keep going to the bathroom do "adjust" myself (oh to be a man, then I could just fix everything up mid-sentence! LOL)

    I remember, because this was pretty much the only pregnancy symptom I had other than no AF, for 10 weeks until I was showing, so I kept squeezing them to see if they still hurt!

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    Sore breasts were the very first thing I noticed even before I did any tests. They just felt achy, like they had been pushed/squashed really hard. I said to my DH I think we might be pregnant because my breasts are really sore and sure enough we were!

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    Well mine are so sore, im wearing a bra 24 hours a day.My nipples are always erect, and they are tender to touch, i said to DP if he even thinks about touching them i will punch him!!!!!! and they look like im a teenager again!!! usually its oneof the first symptoms you do get, them maybe the going to the toilet all the time. My first symptom was lower back pain like i had pulled a little muscle. now im just a eating machine.......FUN FUN FUN.
    good luck.

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    Thanks guys,

    With my FMU I POAS and got a BFN. So I guess it is really true that I'm not pg. Guess I was hoping against all hope. Bloody imaginary symptoms.

    Love Dan.

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