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Thread: Woollen clothes kept for a long time???

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    Question Woollen clothes kept for a long time???

    Hi everyone,

    My parents have been eagerly awaiting me becoming pregnant one day, even before I met my husband! They have bought so many woollen jackets, bonnets, jumpsuits etc from market stalls and shows as they love this kind of thing. They have shown me a lot of the stuff and some of it does smell musty as it has been stored away for awhile. My mum is going to handwash it all in Amolin liquid but I am worried that there will be an increased risk of sids from wearing this stuff? Of course, we wouldn't let the little one sleep in woolens, it is just for really cold days travelling outdoors.

    The other issue is that my mum has kept my outfit going home from the hospital that my grandmother knitted, she has since passed away. I know it would mean alot to them if our little one wore it home, it would be the jacket, bonnet and booties. Is there any risk in doing this? Please help!!! I'd really appreciate your thoughts as it is an emotional issue but I want to keep our baby as safe as possible.

    Many thanks

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    I don't see any risk if it has been washed properly. You could even just use plain old wool mix too.

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    I don't think that dressing your bubba in woollens will be a danger to bubby - esp after washing it in Amolin, and if it is just for the cooler weather ie outdoors and even just travelling home. I agree with not sleeping bubby in woollens as well.

    Just like every parent, you'll always be keeping an eye on your little precious one anyways so you'll notice if they are too warm. I learnt to dress DD in layers so I could strip her easily if necessary if she got too warm.

    If you are still unsure, the parent/family help lines are great for these type of things!

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    Thanks ladies, I really appreciate the feedback

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    I think I'd just wash the clothes..make sure no dust and musty stuff stuck in them before bub wearing them. We've also been given lots of woolly clothes (my aunty is obsessed with making them) and I just washed them with a wool wash because they smelled old and musty and they seem ok now. Havent used any of them - too hot still.

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