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Thread: Work in 1st Trimester

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    Question Work in 1st Trimester

    Hi ladies,
    I'm not PG yet (still stuck in the TTC rut) - but I like to plan ahead (and my work needs to know these sorts of things too, so they can plan ahead)...
    I'm a police officer, and H2B and I are TTC for #1 (12mths plus now).
    In the police force there is a 'order' that upon reaching the 2nd trimester - you are in plain clothes and doing office work until maternity leave. I have no issues with that!
    But I'm concerned about the 1st trimester. After reading some sad stories about angel babies - as soon as I find out and can announce a BFP - I don't want to be wrestling with crooks and have all that 'on the road' stress on top of PG too. It seems to also be a fragile time for some; like the 2nd and 3rd tirmester and I don't want to risk anything.

    Is there anything you think a Dr could say (like a medical certificate) to 'pardon' me from work up until the 2nd trimester?

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    Hi Leesa,

    I completely understand your concerns.I am working in a position that is currently partime, I have been on holidays but was meant to go back this week but I have been calling in sick this week, and DH wants me to quit now because I have really bad all day everyday morning sickness. You may have the same just won't know how your body will copy until you get there! Is there anyway you could talk to your boss and just ask to go on office duties rightfrom the start. And also as you suggested I am sure you would be able to get a medical certificate otherwise, if the 1st dr says no just see another. Good luck, hoping you get a bfp really soon
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    Hi Leesa,

    I'm sure if you explained the situation to your Doctor he could write you a certificate to be on 'light' duties untill a set date. Unless you are really sick in the 1st trimester I don't see why you couldn't still go to work.

    The first 3 months you need to relax and let your body do the work - eat right, minimal stress and get all the rest your body wants. I MC my first at 10 weeks but with my second (current pregnany) I was so sick in the first 3 months I just wanted to die! But I took my morning sickness tabs and was right to go to work by 9am! I also spoke to my boss to let her know what was happening - I didn't need to but in case I was late/had to have time off etc she understood why.

    Good luck TTC!

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    Well done for thinking about this, Leesa! In the first trimester, the baby is very protected by the pelvic bones so you don't have to worry about anything that you do can cause a miscarriage - these things do happen, but it's not your fault. I can understand you wanting to not risk anything though.

    Talk to your boss if you are concerned: my boss used to do all my heavy lifting for me (and tell his team to do the same) as soon as I told him I was pg, so they can be very nice and understanding about these things.

    Lots of luck and to you for your TTC journey - I hope you join us in here for good very soon.

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    Hi Leesa,

    Good on you for thinking ahead.
    I had a chat with my Ob about this sort of stuff as I was getting a hard time from the fire brigade (I'm a vol) and she told me she had a patient who was a cop who actually said she wanted no contact with "prisoners" which she had a right to do (I don't know if it's different between SA and VIC). Apparently she shifted from "active" patrol to "office" work at the end of the first trimester. I totally understand why you would be worried being pregnant in your line of work but also want to offer some comfort words. If you DID get struck in the stomach in the first trimester, the baby is not likely to be affected as everything is still nicely tucked away in the pelvis at that point. I was struck by a patient (I'm a nurse) in the stomach 3 times when I was about 14 weeks and was given that advice by my ob. Everything is still going strong. But you have to do what is right for you and what is going to give you peace of mind. Your Ob can always give you a note resricting your duties but you need to weigh up if you want work to know that early. I opted to tell my work when I was 8 weeks because of the kind of clinic I work in.

    HTH and I hope you get a BFP really soon!


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