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    As i have said in previous threads,i had a scan a week ago after my GTT,even though it came back clear,i was worried about how big i was and even though my Fundal height read 27cm,which Doc said was normal for what weeks i am (31 weeks),he would send me in for a scan to put my mind at rest.

    So in i went on the same day for a scan,got some great pics btw,the baby only fitted in from head to chest lol.But i showed i had excess fluid which explains my size.Baby is normal size.I was told straight after my scan that the causes could be either my baby isnt swallowing properly or my bladder is producing too much urine.Lastnight i looked up on the internet about it all and too my horror and shock i read that causes when the baby isnt swallowing properly is if the baby had cleft Lip/Pallet.This has now worried me and the person doing the scan said everythig seemed fine with the baby when measuring everything and taking photos.
    Can they see if a baby had cleft Lip in a scan and would they tell you?

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    I have a friend who had a baby with a cleft lip and palet and she knew at her 20 wk scan, even his proposed course of treatment was all planned out beforehe was born, i would be quite surprised if that were the case and they hadn't told you.

    Have they said if they are going to try and find a reason for the excess fluid?


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    Thanks for your reply taz.

    They have booked me in for another scan in 2 weeks time and said that sometimes the fluid has been known to go back to normal.They want to keep an eye on it.
    Im sure though i had this same problem in my first pregnancy(excess fluid)

    But whats not helped in my worring is at my 20 week scan i remember the guy looking and looking in the same area and i said "what are you looking for" and he said, "cleft lip".It was like he had seen something but wasnt 100% sure and that worried me even then.But it may have just been routine to have a good look.And now because of this excess fluid and the cause of it may be because of cleft,its made me think.I dont know maybe im making a mountain out of a molehill.

    Think i will mention this in my next scan,so she can tell me if im just being paranoid and have a look for me.But my piccys didnt look anything out of the ordinary
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    Goodluck Skorpy


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    Hi skorpy
    I was also told my bub had been checked for cleft palate at my 20 week scan, I believe it's one of the standard things they look for.
    Was there any 3D as part of your scan? The place I go to checks for it in regular 2D and switch over to 3D as well for a good clear look at the face. Apparently diagnosis of cleft palate is one of the things 3D is particularly good for.
    I'm sure everything is fine, try not to worry I know it's hard.

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    Iv been looking on the internet and ultrasounds of cleft lip.And it can easily be seen and after looking at my ultrasound piccy,it looks normal and so much like my Daughters scan,they look like twins.

    Im just such a worry pants

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    Hope ur starting to feel a bit better now's so easy to stress about every little thing in preg. Glad it all looks good for u and bub

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    Yeah, with every pregnancy I have worried,just a typical way a woman thinks lol.No good thinking negative all the time really is it.Doesnt do you or the baby any good.

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    I actually asked my OB about this a couple of weeks ago. He said 9 out of 10 cleft lips/palates are picked up at the 20 week scan and went back through the ultrasound report with me and read out the bits talking about Bubs' little face - basically that they'd gotten a good look at all the bones and all was normal. So if nothing was picked up int he scan, you can fairly safely assume that all is well.

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    Just remember that it can be fixed. So even if bub's does have one it will all turn out jjust fine. Surgeons these days have the best technology and are experienced in dealing with it.It's going to be fine either way.

    Praying that all is ok, and your bub's is just FINE

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    Not good to hear.. but i know she looked during my 19 week scan and said there wasnt a cleft pallet there. The scanner person may not be allowed to tell you but your referring doctor will.

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