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Thread: Worried about 18-20 week scan :(

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    Default Worried about 18-20 week scan :(

    Hello everyone,

    I'm seeing my Ob tomorrow and will get my referral to have my 18-20 week scan. I'm petrified

    At my NT scan, the sonographer overcalled something she saw and gave my husband and I a few extremely stressful days (I understand that they have to err on the side of caution). I had a specialist obstetric scan a few days later to show that the baby looked completely normal and that we should relax knowing that all was ok.

    Now it's time for the next scan and I'm scared stiff about it.

    I just really needed to tell someone.


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    Like you said, sonographers do tend to err on the side of caution, and you did have a specialist ultrasound done later, which was fine, so I am sure that when you have your 20wk scan that everything with your little one will be just perfect!

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    mizzsocial Guest


    ahh iknow what you mean.. try to just enjoy the scan and worry about what is said later on..

    Wishing you all the best with your scan..

    Oh and i wouldnt go back to the sonographer you had at your NT scan, go to another clinic!

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    The 18/20 week scan is such a beautiful experience, Im sure when you get there you will forget all your worries and just enjoy it!

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    Don't worry I'm also freaked out by the thought of it, but like Rayla has said its such a beautiful experience. Trust me once your in there and you see your bub and how much they've grown you'll relax!Goodluck!

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    When we had our 19 week scan the sonographer said that the placenta was low and we would have to have another scan @ 34 weeks.

    I had an antenatel appointment a few weeks after that and they had the written results on my file and said that there was nothing wrong and the placenta wasn't low.

    I was disappointed for a couple of seconds only for the fact that we haven't had another scan ... but glad also obviously.

    There's nothing to worry about ... just get really excited! O

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    I was exactly the same

    In fact I was petrified leading right up to the scan and was so nervous while I was in there that I stopped talking (and I never stop talking LOL) .... afterwards I was so excited and loved watching the video and talking about it. But I was nervous about the whole thing!!

    I had another scan at 24 weeks which I was alot better at and then my 3D scan which was totally nerve free!

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