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Thread: You know you're nesting when...

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    Default You know you're nesting when...

    You know you're nesting when...

    - You cut your finger but you're so intent on cleaning that you don't notice for 3 hours.

    - In a desperate bid to scrub the far back corner of the lowest kitchen cupboard you somehow manage to wedge your head, knees, and huge pg belly into the cupboard and have to call out to your DH to help get you out.

    Anyone else got anything they wouldn't mind sharing so I don't feel so alone here LMAO!!

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    Custardtart Guest


    ...When you wake up at 3am and you decide that scrubbing out the pots and pans drawer sounds like a good idea before you go back to sleep.

    ... when you wash and sort all the stored baby clothes six months before you will actually need them, so they all have to be done again before baby comes anyway.

    ... when you actually feel CONTENTED folding laundry and ironing (my most despised household chores)


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    When i move off my butt!

    Hasnt happened yet, think hubby got it for me this time around, woohoo!

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    layla Guest


    Angel I can just picture you stuck in the cupboard...LMAO!!!

    I think I know I'm nesting when the pile of ironing that's been building up since the previous pregnancy finally gets done!!

    Or when you've spent so long on your hands and knees scrubbing the floor that it's just easier to remain in that postion for the rest of the day then try to get up!

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    I decided that I needed a bigger house with a bigger backyard for my babies to play in. It made sense when we put the house on the market, but it sucks shifting house 2 weeks before your due date.

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    .... you rearrange the baby's cupboards & drawers 3 times, in one day!

    .... you lay in bed at night thinking of all the things that *have* to be cleaned.

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