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Thread: Your ultrasound stories :)

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    Default Your ultrasound stories :)

    I am after ultrasound stories where the gender was incorrect - you can be as detailed as you like Please email your experiences, thoughts and feelings before, during and after

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    Kelly xx

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    oooohh I hope this doesnt happen to me

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    Kelly, does this include being told the wrong gender at 12 weeks and then finding out at 20 that it was wrong?

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    Default Hiya


    I was positive I was having a boy from the very start. I had my heart set on it and everyone I ran into commented on how i was carrying and how they all thought i was having a boy.

    18week scan came and even though my partner didnt really want to know I was too excited to wait so I had to ask. After having a close look the lady said it was a girl, the baby had its legs closed but she could see the "three little lines" and was sure it was a girl.

    I know this sounds horrible and I felt so bad for thinking it but I was disappointed she said I was having a girl. I knew i would love the baby unconditionally no matter what but i was so certain i was having a boy.

    On the way home I had a cry in the car to my partner. I have 4 older brothers myself, being the youngest and the only girl i was always well looked after and cared for. If i ever had a little girl i always wanted her to have a big brother to look after her too.

    I wasnt happy with the ultrasound so I booked in again at another place 2weeks later.

    With the next ultrasound the lady asked what the last ultrasound person had said I told her everything down to the "three little lines" and she asked me what I had wanted. When i told her I wanted a little boy and the reason for it she looked at me and said well you will defiantly be happy you came in again. She told me she didnt know what the other lady was looking at but went through the whole ultrasound with me. Even though he still had his legs closed ever now and then he would move and you could see his bits and pieces.

    I was so happy. It bought tears to my eyes.

    How could someone get it so wrong and make someone feel so horrible for nothing.

    My little man is now 12wks old and he is fantastic


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    Relle, I'm sure that applies, and I'd love to hear your story!

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    Yeah Relle, i want to hear the story - esp seeing as i'm using the same OB as you, and will go to the same ultrasound place!! i need to know the names of any not-so-flash sonographers!!

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