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Thread: Anyone know whats going on

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    Default Anyone know whats going on

    Sorry I dont know if I am in the right place?

    Ok well this is going to sound so weird but I have a question.

    I stopped the pill last month.
    Its been 35 days since my last period. How long should I wait until going and seeing some one about it.

    I had some pinkish tinge blood about 2 1/2 weeks ago (i thought it could implantation bleeding)

    Blood test on the 17th Feb - NEGATIVE

    Heres a theory I have ,
    On the 14th Feb (28 days since last period) I had some red spotting that lasted about 5 mins. I had really bad period pain cramps for abot 5 days (thats how long my period usually lasts for)
    Does anyone think that it could have been my period but - I just didnt have enough hormones in my body to start a normal period.
    I dont know If I can explain exactly what I am trying to say.
    Could I say that was my period and start a new cycle or do you think it was just breakthrough bleeding? What about the cramps?

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    Hi there,

    Let me just start by saying that I'm not a doctor (just had to get that out of the way first). =) It's good you had a BT to check for pg ... can never be too careful.

    Your body may just be returning to normal after being on the pill but it is hard to say at the moment. It is normal to have a breakthrough bleed (which is not a proper period) after stopping the pill and this sounds like what you had. If you've been on the pill, you would not have had much lining to expel as that is one of the things the pill does ... keep the uterine lining thin.

    I'm wondering if you might not have a full period about 28 days from that "breakthrough bleed"? Maybe wait and see what happens and if your period does not show up after that time, go see your GP. They can run a blood test to see whether you have ovulated etc. so can work out what is going on.

    Hope that helps a bit.



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