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    Hi ,
    I just would like to know if anyone tried a boost cycle at Monash IVf, any good results??

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    Hi CIval,

    We did a Boost cycle atMonash last october.

    Got 3 eggs (have never been able to grow a good number of eggs)and 3 embies from the cycle and 2 pregnancies. It is all we will do from now on for baby #2 as I respond betterto the boost than the full down reg. Personally I think boosts are great - shorter than the doen reg, less synarel to sniff and way easy to manage and cope with.

    Good luck in your cycle.


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    Thanks Princess_Fiona_01for replying.
    I am not a good responder to the down regulation cycle. I hope boost cycle will work for me this time also I have heard some IVF clinics trying to use acupuncture during IVF programs , has anyone tried it?.
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