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Thread: Enlarged ovaries causing pain after IVF

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    Default Enlarged ovaries causing pain after IVF

    Hi all,

    We are currently 7w1d following an IVF cycle after TTC for 2 years.

    Last Tuesday I suddenly got excruciating pains in my abdomen and thought I was losing the baby. After an emergency Dr appt I was diagnosed with a Urinary Tract Infection and put on antibiotics (we also had a scan to make sure all ok with bubs and it was).

    I went back to the dr today as am still getting pains in lower abdomen, almost a bit pre-menstral like - and the dr said after seeing the over-enlarged ovaries from last weeks scan he thinks I have hyperstimulation.

    Has anyone else had this problem following an IVF BFP and if so how long did it take to settle down properly? Its been a week already and while it seems to be getting less painful, am anxious to have it clear up so I can continue enjoying the fact we're pregnant at last.

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    Hi Bella Mum
    congratulations on your pregnancy!
    Unfortunately OHSS is something many of us doing IVF have to deal with. I think in most cases the worst of the symptoms clear up fairly quickly (it really just depends on how severe you get it in the first place). I think I had about 2-3 weeks of pain, then it more or less went away. I was still very bloated for months and my ovaries were still enlarged at the 20 week scan.... But once the pain went I felt ok.
    I hope it clears up for you pretty quickly and you can enjoy this wonderful time

    All the best,

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    Thanks Marcellus that helps me heaps. I got pain quite severly - thought we were miscarrying, but just mild discomfort atm. Will just wait for it to subside altogether.

    Good luck with your bubs in March!

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