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Thread: Flight Insurance for Medically Ass Preg

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    Good Morning Ladies

    I was chatting with a good friend of mine yesterday who is a travel agent, and i was planning to go visit her in Syd in July (i will be approx 20 weeks pregnant) and she mentioned to be careful because she found out in training that most travel insurance agencies won't cover people who have become pregnant via medically assisted means but they will cover other pregnancies.

    I just thought i would find out if anyone knew anything more about this... because to be honest it really irked me!


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    do you have your own private medical insurance? perhaps you could apply for cover from them. Travel insurance is generally pretty awful when it comes to pg. I can't get cover because I've had 2 x m/c before. Alot of them won't even cover a healthy pregnancy past 20wks. I would try your own insurer first if you have one.

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    I know insurance through RAC will cover for AC pg up to 25 weeks as long as there are no complications and not multiples.

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