thread: hi again - thrilled to see so many familiar names here!

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    Rosebud Guest

    hi again - thrilled to see so many familiar names here!

    Hi there,

    Some of you may remember me from late last year.
    Single, wanting so much to have a baby, couldn't find a bloke blah blah blah ... so finally decided to go it alone.

    I just came back to belly belly after many months, and wow am I excited and happy to see so many of the long term ttc women are up the duff!
    Sushee, melbo ...boy there are lots of you that i vaguely remember and i recall everyone was very kind and welcoming to me.

    Well I am happy t say that at last, I am pg too! 11 weeks now after 8 cycles of IUI with anonymous donor sperm.

    Would love to join your little group if I may. Due end of May.

    When I first joined BB i was hoping there'd be a thread for single women -does anyone know if there is one now?

    Thanks in advance and congrats to you all for being pg!!!!

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    Feb 2005

    Hi Rosebud,

    Congratulations! You must be stoked!

    Funny but I was thinking about you recently and wondering how you were going as we hadn't heard from you for a while. I don't think they have a forum yet for singles but I can tell you that you are not alone ... there are some other ladies on here who are going it alone too in the Long Term TTC forum.

    Hope everything goes well for you and please do come back into the thread and chat with us. Are you having your first U/S soon?


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    Jul 2004

    The forum for single parenting can here found HERE

    Congratulations again!

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    Rosebud Guest

    hi mel

    Great news about you too! Must have been incredibly wonderful to get pg after trying for so long. What was it like when you finally conceived? I was over the moo. How are you coping?

    I am in a terrible state at the moment as I feel so well I sometimes think i must not be pg after all. No m/s, boobs feel normal ... in fact, last night I couldn't sleep because I was worried it has all disappeared.

    I am having second u/s in 2 weeks - cannot wait and hoping that it will allay my fears. This one is the nuchal fold test so am a bit anxious about that

    I am on week ten now but it's 11 weeks since lmp.

    Great to hear from you anyway
    Jackie X

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    Hi Jackie,

    It's great that you're here! Sue (SuziQ), in the LT thread, is also going solo and I'm sure your story has inspired her heaps!

    Come join in the monthly thread!


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    Feb 2004

    Rosebud, why not join in the monthly thread HERE.