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thread: Pregnancy After Long Term TTC - August 2005 #2

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    Pregnancy After Long Term TTC - August 2005 #2

    If you'd like to be added to the list below, please leave your crucial details and I'll add them
    Thanks ladies and congratulations...

    Forum Name:
    Ultrasound Dates:
    Gender of Baby: Boy / Girl / Surprise
    Baby Name(s) Chosen: Boy - / Girl -
    Baby's Website:
    Time TTC:
    Number of previous pgs:
    Any assistance:
    Fertility Issues:

    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

    Name: BumbleBea (Gabby)
    State: NSW
    Due: 29 November 2005
    Hospital: North Shore Private
    Ultrasounds: 6/40, 7/40, 12/40 and 19/40 on 5/7/05
    Gender of Baby: boy
    Baby Name(s) Chosen: Yep, but am sworn to secrecy like Sal
    Baby's Website: see WWW link in my signature
    Time TTC: 2.5 years
    Any Assistance: IVF/ICSI (2 full stim cycles, this bubs is result of 1st FET cycle done naturally with Progesterone post transfer)
    Fertilitiy Issues: Nil - Undiagnosed infertility after 4 miscarriages

    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

    Name: Sal
    State: QLD
    Due: 19 January 06
    Hospital: No Idea! New to Brissy...
    Ultrasounds: @ 12 weeks
    Gender of Baby: Will find out...TBA
    Baby Name(s) Chosen: Yep, but am sworn to secrecy
    Baby's Website:
    Time TTC: 3.5 years
    Any Assistance: Metformin only (prev clomid, plus IVF x 2)
    Fertilitiy Issues: PCOS, moderate Endo

    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

    Forum Name: TamB
    State: Vic
    Due: 27 January 06
    Hospital: South Eastern Private
    Ultrasound Dates: 7/6, 23/6, 21/7
    Gender of Babies: Don't Know yet
    Babies Names Chosen: Don't Know yet
    Baby's Website: In signature
    Time TTC: 18months
    Number of previous pgs: 1 (ectopic & M/C)
    Any assistance: Yes, IVF 2 cycles
    Fertility Issues: Lost left tube after ectopic pg, right one blocked

    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

    Forum Name: Tiggy
    State: NSW
    Due: 5/2/06 but will be born at 34 weeks so Christmas Day !?
    Hospital: John Hunter Hospital under the wonderful Andrew Bisits!
    Ultrasound Dates: 19/7/05, 27/7/05
    Gender of Baby: Boy / Girl / Surprise Don't know yet TWINS
    Baby Names Chosen: Boy - / Girl -
    Baby's Website: Soon
    Time TTC: 14 months
    Number of previous pgs: 7 (4 m/c, twins 9, singleton 7, one baby who only lived for five days)
    Any assistance: Clomid, IUI, none of which worked, conceived during a clomid free break!
    Fertility Issues: Unexplained secondary infertility over the last 11 years

    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

    Forum Name: Felix
    State: NSW
    Due: 11th Feb 05
    Hospital: South West Private Hospital
    Ultrasound Dates: unsure?
    Gender of Baby: Boy / Girl / Surprise Surprise
    Baby Name(s) Chosen: Isabella / Mia / Luca Joseph
    Baby's Website: N/A
    Time TTC: 2 years
    Number of previous pgs: 0
    Any assistance: Naturopathy
    Fertility Issues: irregular ovulation - long cycles, post - pill problems. Never taking oral contraception again!

    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

    Name: Jo
    State: Vic
    Due: 24th Feb, so my book reckons!
    Hospital: Dunno?
    U/s dates: In about 6 weeks time.
    Gender: Will be a surprise
    Baby names: Will be a surprise
    Baby's website: Not yet
    Time TTC: 10 months
    Number of previous pgs: 3, 1-Jack and 2-biochemical
    Any assistance: ICSI IVF
    Fertility issues: DH has abnormal sperm

    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

    Forum Name: Cailin
    State: Vic
    Due: 4 March 2006 (roughly)
    Hospital: Frances Perry
    Ultrasound Dates: Don't know yet
    Gender of Baby: Don't Know yet
    Baby Name(s) Chosen: Averlie Anais/Rouge (undecided on middle) Seth Luc Paul
    Baby's Website: Not yet
    Time TTC: 24 mths with 3 mths off
    Number of previous pgs: 4 1 mc when young, Paris, 2 m/c's between Oct 04, Feb 05.
    Any assistance: Yes, Clomid Metformin & Astrix
    Fertility Issues: PCOS

    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

    Forum Name: NZGirl
    State: NZ
    Due: 6th March 2006 (My Birthday!)
    Hospital: Not sure yet
    Ultrasound Dates: 19/07 30/08
    Gender of Baby: We plan on finding out!
    Baby Name(s) Chosen: Boy - / Girl - Not sure yet.
    Baby's Website: At bottom of my signature
    Time TTC: 2 years
    Number of previous pgs: 0
    Any assistance: IVF - Two goes
    Fertility Issues: DH has very low sperm count

    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

    Forum Name: Melbo (Melissa)
    State: Victoria
    Due: 4 April 2006
    Hospital: Freemasons (Dr England)
    Ultrasound Dates: 15 August (6 week scan) & 26 September 2005 (12 weeks)
    Gender of Baby: No way I can know for sure but suspect Apple is a boy.
    Baby Name(s) Chosen: Have actually bought a book to help me decide.
    Baby's Website: see link in signature
    Time TTC: Three years
    Number of previous pgs: None
    Any assistance: All credit due to Dr Hale at MIVF
    Fertility Issues: Endometriosis and otherwise unexplained infertility

    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

    Forum Name: shell_l_d
    State: NSW
    Due: 14 Apr 06
    Hospital: NPH
    Ultrasound Dates: 31 Aug
    Gender of Baby: Can't wait to find out...
    Baby Name(s) Chosen: Cameron Kenneth / Holly Maree
    Baby's Website: See "www" in signature
    Time TTC: 24 cycles (5 off)
    Number of previous pgs: 0
    Any assistance: Clomid, AIH, surgery 31/5, chiro, naturopathy, multievits
    Fertility Issues: cin2 surgery narrowing/scarring, endo, anovulation

    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

    Forum Name: sushee
    State: WA
    Due: 17th April 2006
    Hospital: St John of God Murdoch with Dr Chris Nichols (my wonderful IVF FS, now my obgyn!)
    Ultrasound Dates: @ 7 weeks
    Gender of Baby: Surprise
    Baby Name(s) Chosen: Boy – undecided / Girl - undecided
    Baby's Website: tba
    Time TTC: since July 2001
    Number of previous pgs: 6, all in my early 20s, 3 children, 2 terminations, 1 m/c.
    Any assistance: IVF Blastocyst Transfer, my 8th cycle!
    Fertility Issues: blocked tubes from failed tubal ligation reversal

    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

    Forum Name: Babydreams (shazz)
    State: QLD
    Due: 04/05/06
    Hospital: ??????
    Ultrasound Dates: 19/09/05
    Gender of Baby:Surprise
    Baby Name(s) Chosen: Boy - / Girl - ?????
    Baby's Website: work in progress
    Number of previous pgs: 3
    Any assistance: first 2 clomid babies second 2 ivf with icsi
    Fertility Issues: vasectomy for DH and PCOS for me

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    tiggy Guest

    Just want to be the first to post so I don't miss out on any of the goss!!

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    Registered User

    Oct 2004
    Beaconsfield, Victoria

    I'm following Tiff's lead

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    BellyBelly Member

    May 2004

    Hehe so glad that I'm not the only one out there outfarting the DH! I had just put it down to eating all the healthy stuff, now I know!

    Sush - I don't think it ever gets easier. Even after birth I had problems. Jack wasn't feeding properly and i was in fits about it, wouldn't get any help in the begining until DH told me that "They are not going to take him off you" I got better after that. I think because we have had to work so hard and overcome so many obsticals (my spelling is shocking tonight!) to even get pregnant, everything is scarey, no matter what number baby it is.

    One more sleep for me. Appt has been changed to 9am because it was twins. I did tell them when i booked weeks ago that I was carrying twins. I'm not happy with that place atm. Had a bit of an arguement with one of the prat receptionist today who shouldn't be allowed out in the real world until she has found some common sense someplace.

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Feb 2005

    Jo, good luck with the appointment today. Sorry that the place is giving you the squirts. And I know what you mean about worrying ... I just think we swapped one set of worries for another if you know what I mean.

    Sush - Hope that helps to make you feel a wee bit better. BTW have seen you lurking in the April forum so am looking forward to your continued posts at a later date.

    Amy - your birthday is March 6? So is mine! Can't believe your baby is also due the same day. Mine is going to be a little Aries. Should be interesting considering he and I are at opposite ends of the zodiac!

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jan 2005
    New Zealand

    Wow Mel - That is pretty cool! I must say when I worked out our due date after the transfer (just incase it worked!!) I was pretty much blown away that it landed on my (our) birthday. I do believe in fate so always thought it was a good sign! Anyway, as we know chances are it won't be born on that day but it would be kinda cool to share the same birthday. I remember Sush saying how she went into labour on her birthday and was trying really hard to push her daughter out but she ended up being born the next day.

    Jo - Good Luck today for your scan, will be back here later to see how you got on.

    PS - Mel, I'm secretly glad this baby will be a Pisces - they tend to be quite laid-back, dreamer type people so hope he/she fits this mould!!

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber
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    Sep 2004
    Melb - where my coolness isn't seen as wierdness


    can't believe you remembered that story! Lol! My EDD falls on the cusp of Aries and Taurus, and with DD and I already Tauruses, I can only hope for another one! Of course, we'll drive everyone else in the house crazy, but I don't mind!

    I don't usually work out my EDD with my cycles - guess I worry about jinxing it- but in a conversation with Sheree while I was stimming, she asked me if I had checked what it would be. So curiousity got the better of me and I went online to check! The sites I checked varied from 16th April to 18th April, so am going to get the final word from Dr when I see him.

    It's funny but I feel better knowing that everyone in here is as obsessive as I am. I guess I feel a solidarity in that I'm not the only one who keeps expecting the worst, and believing this is too good to be true. DD and I went late night shopping yesterday and I had to pry her out of the baby section in Target. I wish I had her complete confidence that things are going to work out and that I could "stop stressing, Mum!" She reckons that we need to start baby stuff shopping NOW coz 8 months isn't enough time to get ready. Lol! Now that's a shopper in the making!


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    Sal Guest

    Sush, the 18th of April sounds like a wonderful day to be born O Aries are great, both me and DP are Aries (not that we believe in that stuff). Hehe re your DD wanting to shop for bubby already! I haven't bought a single thing yet, I keep telling myself that once I have the morph scan then I'll start buying things, but it will feel so weird IYKWIM. I am now thinking that I'll start buying things once I start showing...and I'll probably move things back with a new reason each time and then end up like Sheree and not have bought a single thing when the baby arrives!

    So far my baby list is as follows:
    *car capsule (hiring)
    *baby hammock (buying)
    *chest of drawers with baby change insert on top (mum buying)
    *hug-a-bub (buying), although the Baby Bjorns look more stylish!
    *cloth nappies (buying) - will be buying a selection and testing, rather than going all out from the start
    *baby bath (buying)[/list]

    Hmmm what obvious things am I missing? I don't want to buy a pram at first until I feel sure about what I want (I guess I can put the baby in the pram in the shop and test drive hehehe)

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber
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    Sep 2004
    Melb - where my coolness isn't seen as wierdness


    I reckon I'm going to hold DD off for a while, at least until I'm 6 months along, I reckon!

    DH and I aren't even discussing names or anything yet, at least not until after the first scan. At this stage, we're only just starting to talk about me being pg, but in a back-handed sort of way, like 'we'll need to change the carpets in the loungeroom before April next year' or 'We'll need X amount of money per month for you to be able to stay home for a year'.

    Which was why going out with DD yesterday was fun, but frightening as well!


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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber
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    Sep 2004
    Melb - where my coolness isn't seen as wierdness


    your list sounds perfect. The little I remember about babies from way back when I last had one was that each baby needed different things, so if you get the basics covered (like you have) you can add to it after bub arrives.


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    Registered User

    Oct 2004
    Beaconsfield, Victoria

    Good morning all.

    Hope you all have a great day.

    Sal I think that I haev over prepared myself in the shopping department. But then ppl always tell me that I am an organised anal freak, LOL!!!

    My list so far:
    2 cots (on layby)
    Change table with pull out bath (on layby)
    Kappochi back pack (on layby)
    2 Car seat/capsules (on layby)
    Cot mattress - have already
    Chest of drawers - have already
    400 nappies - have already - need a lot more though
    Rocker for me for feeding - have
    Twin pram - have
    Mobiles and nets for cots - have
    Enough 00000 & 0000 clothes for both of them ATM - both mothers have gone nuts in the clothes department, looks like we have enough for up to about 6 months. But I guess there will still be more to come
    Towels, doonas, sheets, nappystacker, mattress protector, sheepskin rugs, spew towels, bunnyrugs - already have.

    As I said, the 2 mothers (mine and DH's) buy something every week for them. The only things that I really want to get now are a rocker each, monitor and breast pump if I need it.

    I had my ob checkup this morning. Got to hear them on the doppler. Right twin is 150b/p and Left is 140b/p. Still have to wait until the 8th Sept though to find out their sex.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jan 2005
    New Zealand

    Tam - Have to say I am a bit of an organised freak too, although we have only bought a baby hammock and 1 nightie - My Mum has gone mad and bought quite a few baby clothes so I think we're fairly well set there for the first 3 months.

    We live in a small town with no baby shops so we're planning a trip to the big smoke in October to get the big stuff - cot, pram etc so we'll be well organised. I won't be able to wait and then just go out and buy stuff as I need it! Have done some reading up on the internet on those readymade cloth nappies, anyone else got any feedback on them?

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Jan 2005
    2hrs from Sydney, NSW

    Yeah Sush, convince away. I'll be 7wks & 5days for mine too, but can't have it earlier as leaving for NZ on Sun & don't get back til the day b4 scan, otherwise I would be able to get it almost a week earlier... :-)

    Tam, I'm followin ur lead, have already started buying stuff & we'll probably be buying everything else of a work colleague in 2wks (after scan).

    Oh Tiff, just found out that HunterIVF only have facilities for a photo of ultrasound, oh well. I'd like to get 1 of those 3d scans on dVd for another scan.

    Sal, bet u can't wait for Monday now.

    Jo, holding out for those pickies... :-)

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    tiggy Guest


    Book in with Steve Raymond (other half of IVF) all you need is a referral from your ob, although for some reason, I think Dr Schumack refers to Jillian Spillsbury but don't quote me on that... it is jock Schumack you are going with, isn't it?

    Anyhow, i'm going through Steve for all my scans and he has been really good, he does 3d too

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Jan 2005
    2hrs from Sydney, NSW

    Thanks Tiff, however I'm already booked in to see Hedges on Wed 31/8 & we leave for NZ Sun 21/8 & get back Tue 30/8. My ob is Jock Schumack & my first aptmt with him isn't until 12/9, so I guess I'll have to go with hedges for the first scan.

    Now a whole new level of worrying has kicked in, just a few mins ago I went to the loo & when I wiped there was a very little bit of very pale pink blood on the paper (TMI). I know it can be normal to bleed, but now I'm wondering why, is it from my acco on Sun, or is my hubby Rhesus positive (as I'm O negative, which apparently is common)???

    I've been feeling a little off the last few arvo's, but not too bad after drink/food, but still feelin little off now since lunchtime. My peeing has gone back to normal & haven't felt quite as tired the last 2 days.

    I don't know if I'm covered for medical cover o/seas & we leave Sun morning, now I'm freaking & I don't know what to do.

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    tiggy Guest

    Oh Shell Hugs to you,

    I know that worry. Is it heavy? It is normal to have some spotting,especially around the time that your period is due, which would be around now (?) Also, consider implantation...

    I'll keep everything crossed for you. Ring Andrew and ask for an earlier scan.

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    BellyBelly Member

    May 2004

    Shell - It is most probably nothing, but if it gets worse or if you are really worried about it, don't hesitate to go and see your doctor, or any available doctor.

    Well it was scan day today and I'm feeling worse than beforehand It was lovely seeing a heartbeat, (couldn't hear it as we were in Hicksville) and so nice seeing little arms with little fingers waving about, and one of them, can't remember who, had their legs crossed, then one decided to be a bit of a bugger and turn about so we couldn't see much. Awwwwww.

    Twin A (RHS)
    162 bpm
    6.5 cm
    1.8 NT
    Dated at 12wks 6 days

    Twin B (LHS)
    150 bpm
    5.8 cm
    1.4 NT
    Dated at 12 wks 2 days

    So everything looks to be going along smoothly apart from Twin A's NT measurement, which while being in the normal range looks a bit high to me. Also on the report, she had wrote that there was no abnormalities that they could see atm, but nothing like that on Twin B's measurement.
    I now have to wait to get the combined results back. Geeze what would i do to knock a few years off my life.

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Jan 2005
    2hrs from Sydney, NSW

    That's great news Jo.

    I phoned my 37wk preg girlfriend, whom had a threat miscarriage @ 5.5wks & she only had a little bit, but it was brown & she said she went straight to casualty/emergency clinic at JHH & they did a scan & found a heartbeat & lump in the placenta, hence the bleeding. DH is still sick, but he's coming with me.

    Tiff, AF cycles were anywhere from 23-30 days apart & I'm 42days now, so wouldn't necessarily be due for AF. I have been having twinges & very slight AF type pain just twice, briefly. But better to be safe than sorry, as I can't get an earlier scan, coz we leave early Sun morning.

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