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thread: Pregnancy After Long Term TTC - Oct / Nov 05

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    May 2004

    Bee - Arghhhh! I had more today. I keep telling myself that it is too early and that it is NOT going to happen and it MUST have been something that might not have agreed with my tummy. BUT we are taking Jack on a all day train trip tomorrow, an old fashioned carriages kind of thing (he loves trains) so perhaps I might get my first helicopter ride????? (ROFLMAO!)

    Tiff - Thanks you for your words of wisdom. It seems that all of a sudden it has just dawned on me what is going to happen when I'm no longer pregnant. I have fears that Jack's little nose will be seriously put out of joint.

    Amy - Re:the pains. I'm not waking up with them so am assuming that they are eithor stretching pains or I am not resting enought during the day and need to sit down. I actually had a nap today and have not had one for a few weeks and it seemed to make them go away.

    I'm going to pop off and have a look at some of your websites now. THEN I will probably download some pics onto my website hehe!

    Take care everyone!

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    May 2004

    Aww everyone looks gorgeous!

    Have downloaded some pics due to the extreme peer group pressure i was experiencing lol. Will get another of the belly and perhaps even my head this w/end.

    Have a good one all!

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    tiggy Guest


    I LOVE your belly shot and Jack is a real little cutie too!

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    Oct 2004
    WA y WA y A WAy

    Ditto Jo ~ Jack is such a cutie and cute belly shot but damn it i'm 15 weeks and i'm thinking i look bigger then you do and i'm not carrying twins 8-[ oh well hehhehe

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    Hello Lovelies,

    Just a quickie before work (it's never too early for a double entendre).

    Jo, lovely pics. Jack is a little sweetie and looking very grown up ... will probably look even more so to you once the twins arrive!

    Sarah, I have some belly shots but haven't got around to putting them up on the website yet. Have to resize them in Paintshop Pro first. I should get around to that on Tuesday night I hope.

    Bee - how are you going darling? Looking at the Pusster pictures made me sad too, bless his little heart. I still look in every pet shop, hoping to find that he's been reincarnated somehow.

    Sal - your exams are OVER!!!!!! YAAAAYYYYY!!!! Hope you are chilling out and enjoying the rest.

    Gab - I've got a feeling about you and that feeling is that you've had your baby. Hope everything is fine with you.

    Sush - glad to hear things are going well. Bet you can't wait for that scan! It should be good value. Are you getting a video/dvd of the occasion?

    Amy - re the hayfever ... my obstetrician was very helpful when I saw him last. He told me what was safe in pg. I got some Rhinocort and some drops for my eyes for when it is particularly bad. Not sure if you have Rhinocort over there or if it is called the same thing. Check with your ob anyway. Hope you're feeling better.

    Tiff - How are you doing pet? Hope you are feeling okay.

    Hey are any of you Melbourne ladies going to the Belly Belly event? Kelly is hoping to get a few more people so if the thought of going has crossed your mind, "prease consider". It should be a great day and it would be wonderful to meet you.

    Have to do grocery shopping tonight because I was too busy shopping for other things on the weekend. I've spent a fortune this fortnight. Got a new backpack from Baby Target, bought some blue clothes for William, two soft towels (mmmm), "Raising Boys" by Steve Biddulph, two mat dresses for me ($25.00 each from Pea in a Pod) and probably a lot of other crap as well that I've forgotten about. Blimey!

    Also I had another little bonus last week that I thought I'd mention. I feel a bit stupid actually because I didn't work this out myself. I had gone to Medicare last week to put in the bill for the ultrasound. The lady handling my enquiry said to me "I think we owe you some money". I said "Are you sure?" She said "Yes. You're registered for the safety net and there is money owing to you. There's a bill here for June/July $1,500.00 for a Dr Hale ..." I said "Oh that would be my IVF cycle but I thought all claims had been made on that?" She said "No, it doesn't look like it. Bring in your bill and I'll work it out". So the next day, I brought in the bill and she told me that I'll be getting $880.00 back. I nearly fell over dead! :shock:

    This was only going to be a short post wasn't it? I'd better get cracking and prepare for work.

    Hope you are all well and I'll chat to you later tonight or if not, then Tuesday.



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    Hi Mel (and everyone else)

    You crack me up girl and it is good to read about someone in such high spirits! Good to hear that you are spending up big on you and little William.

    I am ok. Have had some scary days (with uterine pain, decreased movement, feeling sick)and some real down days(missing my boy, feeling sorry for myself, missing the innocence of pregnancy) lately. Everything hurts!

    My Dad, who was diagnosed with bowel and liver cancer in June is not doing so well and has started to neaten things up around here. He has asked that he can have once a week with us (so NOT like my Dad). He cries alot and it is so so hard watching this man fade away. I asked him to hang in there until Christmas but that seems wrong somehow. If he needs to go, I should understand but I am being selfish, I want him to meet his grandchildren and I want to get some photos and video footage so my babies can at least meet him one day. He has another PET scan on the 24th and it might be some good news, I am hoping and praying for it but he has openly said he feels he is dying. It's so sad.

    So that is mee, in a nutshell. Mum is throwing me a baby shower on the weekend (my first ever). I always was one to do things back to front. I'm really looking forward to that, I hope it is a great day!
    The girls have their ballet concert the following Sunday and then I am being admitted on the Wednesday for my final weeks of solitary confinement! It seems fast and slow at the same time. On bad days I think all I want is for this pregnancy to be over, on good days, I think that I can just hang in there for another couple of weeks, get the ballet concert over and done with and Christmas organised (we put the tree up on the weekend so I can have a couple of weeks of Chrissy with the kids) and then they can do what they want with me!

    Sorry, this has turned into a long winded whinge, tha't all I seem to be able to muster these days!
    LOVE hearing about all the great things that you girls are doing and I love the excitement in your posts as well. Must say, BB is all that keeps me going sometimes. You girls are like angels!

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    Oct 2004
    WA y WA y A WAy

    Good morning lovely ladies

    hope you all had a great weekend

    Mel ~ wooohooo for the medicare rebate i bet it would come in handy for christmas .

    Tiff ~ :flower: i am praying for your dad and your family hang in there hon any time you need a chat i'm here

    a huge big hi and belly rubs to you all \/

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    Sep 2004
    Melb - where my coolness isn't seen as wierdness

    Hi Girls

    very quick post as i was supposed to have started work 10 mins ago.

    Tiff, now I wish I were there so that I could give you a big hug about Dad and also to come visit in the hospital to keep you company.

    BBL to read the rest of the posts.


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    Oct 2004
    Beaconsfield, Victoria

    Tiff I am so very sorry that things have not been so cheery for you ATM. I do hope that when you are in hosp that you have access to a pc so you can keep up with BB, as you said, it sure helps.

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    Hi girls, gee I've missed being a BB regular!

    Tiff, *huge hug* being sent your way. It doesn't sound selfish at all to want your dad to stay until Xmas and see Ivy and Noah. I hope you get good news on the 24th. You definitely have the hardest pregnancy, physically and emotionally, of all of us in here, I must say that you never sound like you are whingeing and always sound like you are coping. I guess you're on the countdown to hospital admission. Are your iron levels/BSLs under control now and have you stopped fainting/feeling so weak? Is it too much to hope for that you will be able to pop onto BB once you are in hosp? Otherwise you need to train your DH to log in and update us - I can't bear the thought of not hearing from you for over a month.

    Mel, yay on lots of shopping for William! You know, I've had the vibe that Gab has had her bub already, too...had it for a couple of days now.

    Hi to all, welcome to the newcomers! Now that I'm officially a lady of leisure (don't know what to do with myself actually!) I will be about a lot more.

    Had my 30w appt with the midwife clinic, was the first one at my new hospital (since moving from Bris) and the midwifes were absolutely lovely. Firstly: no weighing in! Also, they were on the ball about me needing a scan at 32w to check that my low-lying placenta has moved up. So I'll be seeing bub again soon! Measuring spot on for dates, BP is excellent, feeling a lot more bub movement now (he has a foot wedged permanently in my right lung it seems) and he's head down but not engaged. So all is great! I'm starting to get excited about his arrival now!

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    Apr 2004
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    Hi Girls,

    How are we this fine (hot again....) Monday morning???

    Mel - sorry to let you down chookie, but Munchy is still happily kicking away in my belly! Not much to really report... Well done on your shopping and the unexpected Medicare bonus. I have to say, gotta love medicare. I recently paid a part of my obs bill ~$3000, and took it to medicare and they gave me back about 2500 - was so happy with that. It seems money is just flying out of this house left, right and centre, so it is nice to get some back, LOL!

    Tiff - I am so, so sorry to hear about your dad. Dealing with cancer is always bad, but seeing it beat and erode your loved ones is one of the hardest things anyone has to deal with. On top of dealing with the sad passing of your little man, I must say that you are allowed to have your fair share of bad days. I hope that you find some positive times in each day, especially when your babies kick to let you know they are in there and love you, and in a few short weeks you'll have them in your arms to help you through each day. I pray that your Dad hangs in there to meet them, so you may get some treasured memories. All my love and hugs to you. You are a strong person to deal with all of this and still be as positive as you are. Keep your chin up, and vent, chat, rave away - I know that the girls here have really helped me through the hard times.

    Jo - beeeautiful tummy!! Cutie Jack!! You are just beautiful and don't let yoiurself think otherwise, LOL!! I think pregnant women just glow, and I think that their belllies are gorgeous - I love seeing all of everyones piccies!! Hope all is well with you otherwise, and your aches and pains are settling down!

    Sush - hope you are well, and work is treating you nicely! When will you stop work??

    Baby dreams - bellyrubs back to you!! Hope you are well too!!

    Sal - loooong time no hear - hope your exams went welll, and that you can rest back and enjoy from now!

    TamB - how is it going?? Hope you are resting heaps and babies are thriving!

    Big hello's and bellyrubs to everyone else I have missed today! Hope you are taking it easy!

    Well, as for us - 38w today!! Cannot believe it! Munchy should be fully grown now, so even if he comes early now, all should be well. Cannot bellieve that we have almost made it. Just have to get him out into the world safely now, LOL!!

    Saw my obs last week, still thrilled with everything. My BP is still sitting happy at around 100/60, so no probs there. Having a lot of probs with swelling though - I have hobbit feet!!, just need the tufts of hair on them, and the look is complete. Had to laugh - almost could not fit any shoes on the other day, so I thought about going to see him barefoot - good look hey??

    Funny, I have this feeling that for all my on/off BH and mild contractions, Munchy is so happy and content in there that he'll be late. The obstetrician has given me an end date though - if I have not had Munchy by due date, (he was happy to induce me anytime from now) - but I said I was happy to wait till 41 weeks, so if he has not come out before then, I will get induced on either the 5th or the 6th of December. How funny to have a theoretical birth date!!!

    Well, that is about all - not doing much these days as I have the agililty and mobility of a walrus.... and back to having granny naps in the afternoon.

    Hope everyone is having a nice Monday,

    Bellyrubs to all,

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    You are all so amazing. Thank you so very much for all the kind words that you have passed onto me today. Definately lifted my spirits.
    You truly are godsends!


    It will be interesting to see when our little munchy arrives, looking forward to your announcement. Watching every day now, feel a bit like a stalker! LOL!!!!


    No everything is still out of whack, have an appointment with the good doctor on Wednesday, so will see what he wants to do with all that stuff then. I still have my dizzy days but they are better than they were. Glad to hear that everything is going so well for you. 30 weeks! Time has flown, not long now until you meet your little guy. My wonderful hubby has organised a laptop and connection while I'm in prison ( I mean hopsital) as I have told him I will go mad without my BB friends.


    I have been keeping up with your website and I love it. Can't wait til you are making your announcements too! Hoping that you have the most beautiful experience with birth.

    Sush, Shazz,
    You are both so wonderful and I think of you often and know that you both have come from very dark places to now being pg. I hold onto that when i am feeling so low and sorry for myself.

    Just had a big talk with Dave, about all the guilt and bad feelings I have been having, how scared I am with all the physical pain. He is so wonderful, puts everything into perspective. SO just eating my baked beans now and trying to think happy thoughts.

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    May 2004

    Huge, HUGE hugs Tiff xxxx I'm so glad that DH has organised a computer for you for your stay in hospital, it will (hopefully) make the time go quicker for you.

    Gab - I'm also waiting to hear some news from you!! However by the sounds of it, little Munchy is quite comfy where he is!

    Mel - Woohoo for medicare!!! Since the new safety net was introduced it has made it so much more afordable to be able to do IVF. I couldn't believe how much cheaper it was for a stim cycle this time compared to the Jack days!

    thank you for your comments re: Jack the lad. We think he is pretty cute too! Although I must say, he does has *those* moments where he is about to be put on ebay.......

    Hope everyone is doing ok. This weather is driving me insane, actually i think it is just me, poor weather, I whinge if I can't get my washing dry and I whinge if it is too hot

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    2hrs from Sydney, NSW

    Luv the website & pickies Mel. Yay on the unexpected m/c rebate.
    Jo, hope ur pains are subsiding. Lov ur website & pickies too.
    My friend's nephew was born at 24.5wks at JHH (1.5 to 2pound i think they said) & is in NICU til 40wks (Dec). He's doin well. Turns out she has an immature cervix & wasnt diagnosed (hasnt had any surgery) until at/after birth.
    Tiff, that is so sad about ur dad. With DH's dad, he had 3mths to live (lung cancer, non smoker). He went peacefully in his sleep in the hospice (sp?). It's sad that he didnt get to see us engaged, married & expecting. Hope everything works out for the best.
    Gee, so u go into hospital tomorrow, not much longer to go for you then. Great to hear u can still have access to BB.
    Sal, yay on the study/exams being over. Wow, nearly 31wks already.
    Gab, wow only 2 more weeks (or maybe 3), excellent.

    Well this time Thur I'll know bubby flavour, oh please go quick... hehe. You too Sush & Shazz. Ordering our new carpet on Thur too. Only lounge & entry to paint (& skirtings in 1 bdrm) before it's laid.

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    Ladies, I have started up a new thread for you all to continue chatting in HERE

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