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Thread: Pregnancy After Long Term TTC ~ March 2006

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    Sushee - your poor DD and what cowards 4 to 1 and bashing a poor girl. Yes - shocking no one came to her aid - I hope your DD is feeling better and regains her self confidence. You must have been worried sick.

    Sheree - thank goodness your spotting has stopped. Hope HF clears soon.

    Skye- anytime around 12 weeks is fine.

    Shez - [-o< you are next to join us here.

    Mel -Shell - Sushee -watch is on

    Shazz - hope you GD is under control.

    Welcome Becky - we need a few graduates to fill out our numbers now there will be 4 exiting in next 50 days or less .

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    New thread [url=]HERE[/url] ladies

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