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Thread: Bubby scaring me silly

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    Default Bubby scaring me silly

    Bub's been a bit quiet this week, but still some movement here and there with a few thumps. Then last night it was nothing. I tried the drinking cold water and laying on my side (both sides). I tried poking my belly. No reaction. Bub usually starts up when I do a hypnosis script (probably because I'm so peaceful), so this morning I tried that. Nothing....

    I took some resuce remedy to try to stop the rising panic. Nothing happening as I got ready for the day. I started thinking I need to call the MW and see if I could get the HB measured. In the back of my mind, I've started preparing for the worst, starting to think about getting a scan...going through the whole nightmare

    I gave bub until 10am to do something and then I'd call the MW. Meanwhile I had breakfast. At 9:58 I felt a kick, then some more flickers. I feel like I'm going to turn grey before this kid is's so close but the fear of something going wrong is always there...

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    If you ever get too concerned and the other remidies don't work, you can always call the MW at the hospital and I am sure they wouldn't mind you coming in for quick check, bubs is starting to run out of room. Take care hun xxoo

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    There's no reason you can't go get checked just for the reassurance hun.
    Although, even then they can tease! I went for a mw appointment at 39 weeks & DS was in an odd position, so we couldn't pick up his heart rate. He was kicking away at the doppler happily though, lol.
    They will be more than happy to put your mind at rest if you need it. Don't ever feel silly for asking

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