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Thread: I think i'm pregnant 4 weeks after D&C

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    Default I think i'm pregnant 4 weeks after D&C

    Hi everyone!!! I'm new here but sadly not new to m/c....I had my 2nd 4 weeks ago. I was 11 weeks but baby had stopped growing at 7weeks.
    Anyway I started m/c on Wednesday and had the D&C on the Friday. A lot of bleeding in hospital, but only bleed for a few days. About 2 weeks ago I had brownish d/c on my panty liner, thinking/hoping it was my af. But it never came....
    My husband and I have been doing the dance, so I would love to fall peggies again very soon. But for the last few days have some early preg symptoms. And I took a first response test and it came back with a very very faint line-I took 2 testes!!!
    I'm really scared if I am pregnant that it may be too soon.....
    Has this happened to anyone? Please help!!!


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    Yes to me. I had my first m/c that ended in a d&c. D&c bleeding ended up being "AF" and we werent careful; 4wks later still waiting for an apparent post-surgery AF and come to find out its a BFP instead. My son is now 4. My fertility specialist said most women are very fertile after a d&c or miscarriage and it happens alot that they end up pregnant again without a proper cycle.

    Good luck, I hope its a smooth 9mths for you

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