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    Hi everyone well i went to see my doctor yesterday for a scan we are 8w5d heartbeat is 186bpm. and crl is 20.7 i think everything is going okay. that doctor said i only have a 5% chance of m/c.
    has anyone been in this situation and have any advise? can i start to get excited or should i just wait till 12week scan, we have had 2 m/c before and never made it past 8 weeks.
    if i start stressing alot can that cause a m/c?
    thanks for listening, xxoo

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    I would say congratulations is in order I have had 2 miscarriages, one at 5 weeks, one at 7 weeks. That's a nice strong heartbeat that you got, and you've made it past 8 weeks. Go ahead and get excited!

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    I have also had two m/c, one at 18 wks and one at 11 wks. But I now have two healthy gorgeous children and I am 14wks pg with #3. I think you should enjoy your pg. Try to relax and soak in all of the lovely-ness of being pg! Congratulations!

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