thread: PAML Babies - Success Stories!!

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    Mar 2007
    outer South East Melbourne

    Member: Satya
    Baby name: Brock Riley
    DOB: 23rd June 2008
    Stats: 7lb 13oz
    Angelbubs: 1 x 1993 & 2 x 2007
    Notes: Fell pregnant for the third time in the year in 2007 when not TTCing after having been told our only hope was to use IVF. Wasn't on vitamins, was drinking way too much coffee & was stressed at the time. Didn't expect it to stick but it did. Trouble free pregnancy despite mums age (42 at time of birth). Gave birth at 37w4d.

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    Feb 2005
    Boyne Island

    Member: aussienic
    Baby name: Isaac Arnne, Jacob Riley and Olivia rose
    DOB: 24th sept 03, 22nd Aug 05 and 20th Nov 07
    Stats: 9lb 14oz, 8lb 9oz and 6lb 9oz
    Angelbubs: November 2001 (10 wks) and September 2004 (10 wks)
    Notes: I also have an older son Ethan who is july 99... I had 3 c.s with my 3 babies listed above.. 1 emergency 2 elective.. eldest was a natural..

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    Dec 2005

    Member: AnnaT

    Baby's Name: Jett Ryan Andrew
    Baby's DOB: 26 Sept 2006
    Baby's Stats: 6lb 8oz 48cm
    Angel Babies: Dec 05 & Jan 06
    Notes: Born at 38+5w due to pre eclampsia, 3hr induced vaginal birth no complications at all

    Baby's Name: Ripley Jon Conor
    Baby's DOB: 2nd Jan 2008
    Baby's Stats: 6lb 8oz 49cm
    Angel Babies: Dec 05, Jan 06, Jan 07, March 07
    Notes: Conceived using clomid, 5 bouts of pre term labour, born at 37+6w, 90min induced vaginal birth no complications at all

    Baby to be!
    Baby's Name:
    Baby's DOB:
    Baby's Stats:
    Angel Babies:

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    Mar 2008
    North Northcote

    Member: Cassius2
    Baby's Name: Leila
    Baby's DOB: 02/09/07
    Baby's Stats: (e.g. birth weight, length, head circumference) 2.7kgs (6lbs), 42.5cms (L)
    Angel Babies: October 2002, 8 weeks, September 2006, 5 weeks
    Notes: endometriosis scarring the ovaries (told IVF only option), 18 months TTC Leila, conception only after taking homeopathic treatment for 2 cycles, great pregnancy (some discomfort due to Endo scarring), born at 38 +2 weeks, natural labour, 9.5 hours.

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    Oct 2007

    Member: AJC
    Baby's Name: Samuel Alexander Daniel
    Baby's DOB: 18/12/2008
    Baby's Stats: 6lb 4oz (2830gm)
    Angel Babies: Oct 06 (Blighted Ovum) & Sep 07 (9 weeks missed m/c)
    Notes: Conceived with help of 50mg Clomid. Born 5 wks early via caesearean after 3 x antepartum haemorrhage's (between 31 & 34 weeks). Spent 5 days in special care nursery (first 3 days in humidicrib).

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    Member: Little Mouse
    Baby's Name: Max
    Baby's DOB: 1/5/2009
    Baby's Stats: 3.7kg, 54cm long.
    Angel Babies: 3 - (2 missed m/c & 1 natural)
    Notes: Max was an 'accident', was supposed to begin testing on why I was miscarrying! Born 9 days overdue - induced, then became 'stuck' and born via emergancy c/s. He was worth the wait!

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    Dec 2009

    Thumbs up

    Baby's Name: TBA
    Baby's DOB: 1ST June 10
    Baby's Stats: -
    Angel Babies: -
    Notes: 14 weeks and counting!

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    Oct 2007

    Member: Milka
    Baby's Name: Francis
    Baby's DOB: 21/10/2009
    Baby's Stats: 4.060kg, 53cm long.
    Angel Babies: 1 (7 weeks)
    Notes: Francis took his time coming and was born 9 days overdue (we were induced in the end)

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    Dec 2005
    not with crazy people

    Member: Maz
    Baby's Name: Mateauz Joseph Memphis
    Baby's DOB: 8th January 2008
    Baby's Stats: birth weight 6lb 4oz length 50cm... I think
    Angel Babies: twins - Willow and Sunni at 8 week gestation March 21st 2007 - 4 other precious angels flying free
    Notes: Born by c-section - cord wrapped around his neck and placenta badly calcified. Spent frist week in SN nursery then rushed to Royal Childrens Hospital Melbourne at 21 days old due to suffering strokes and massive blood clots in his brain.
    Medical out come at the time = if he gets to 3 months you can begin to breath easier, wont walk, be pretty much reliant for need's from us - Cerebal Palsey
    Out come - Normal, naughty little boy who gets tired a little easier then other kids and has alright hip problem
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    Oct 2005
    Moura, QLD, Australia

    Member: Rach75
    Baby's Name: Jack Robert
    Baby's DOB: 25/09/2006
    Baby's Stats: 3985grm, 50cm
    Angel Babies: 4 prior to Jack (1 ectopic, 2 m/c and s/b of Katy Rose @ 21 weeks due to anencephaly
    Notes: Jack wanted to come early thats for sure, I had heart problems at 26 weeks 1st pre labour @ 27 weeks, again @ 29 weeks flown to brisbane for 3 weeks, again @34 weeks rescue choppered out to Rocky, and then flown to townsville for birth @ 37 weeks he wasn't breathing at birth apgars of 2 @ birth 5 @ 5min spent 3 days in SCN an on our way home on day 5

    Baby's Name: Luke Archer
    Baby's DOB: 23/10/2009
    Baby's Stats: 3700grm, 47cm
    Angel Babies: 4 prior to his brother(1 ectopic, 2 m/c and s/b of Katy Rose @ 21 weeks due to anencephaly) and 1 prior to Luke (m/c)
    Notes: well this was a very easy pg with only problem of m/s till the day he was born Luke was born by elective c-sect and is in perfect health

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    Oct 2007
    Hunter Valley, NSW


    Member: Mollycat
    Baby's Name: Matilda Amy Grace
    Baby's DOB: 22nd December 2009
    Baby's Stats: birth weight 6lb 4oz length 49cm
    Angel Babies: 1 - 18/11/07 -
    Notes: Vaginal birth - induced day after EDD, due to maternal age, history of post dates with other births, small for dates, placenta beginning to calcify. Cord wrapped around neck, only minutes away from c/sect.

    Conceived naturally after 12 years of TTC, being diagnosed with PCOS, many attempts with Clomid and the script for femara to be used on next cycle YAY - wasn't needed.

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    Mar 2008
    Where dreams are now reality

    Member: Lily Dust
    Baby's Name: Jemima Isobel
    Baby's DOB: 1st October 2009
    Baby's Stats: 3440 grams, 49cm long and HC 34cm
    Angel Babies: 30th October 2008
    Notes: After 5 years TTC, 4 using IVF we conceived both our miracles naturally. Suffered hyperemisis and spent a lot of time medicated and on a drip but at the end I had no idea what a beautiful experience it would be to naturally birth our perfect little miracle! I honestly didnt believe I would actually bring a baby home when I went to hospital That first look at those big chubby cheeks, squinty eyes and pouty little lips was simply amazing.

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    Feb 2006
    Newcastle, NSW

    Member: Lisa
    Baby's Name: Anelise Lynette
    Baby's DOB: 16 September 2009
    Baby's Stats: 4000 grams, 49.5cm long and HC 33cm
    Angel Babies: Noah Thomas stillborn @ 20w5d in 2006, 8w2d in 2007 and 5w2d in 2010
    Notes: Anelise's birth was basically perfect. I laboured at home for most of it. After I arrived at the hospital, Anelise was born an hour later. She was born into her daddy's arms and watched over by her older siblings. We had a totally natural delivery as well as delayed cord clamping. We went home 4 hrs after her birth and have been enjoying every second of our gorgeous little girl.

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    Oct 2008
    Kallangur, QLD

    Member: JennaJayen
    Baby's Name: Jaycen John Russel
    Baby's DOB: 23/12/2008 (Was due 11/12/2008)
    Baby's Stats: 3.774kg (8Ib3oz), 51cm, 34cm
    Angel Babies: 7wk 4d January 2005, approx 8wk January 2006, Approx 6wk July 2006, Approx 3.5-4wk August 2007 - All prior to Jaycen being born.
    Notes: Difficult pregnancy with hip and back problems. Early cramping (apparently from Corpus Luteum) raised concerns of ectopic pregnancy, early scan ruled this out. Braxton Hicks pretended to be the real deal, coming every 5-9mins and lasting for 20-30sec from 15wks onwards, coming on every few weeks and sticking around for 6-12 hours at a time. Was induced at 41+3, and he was born at 41+5 via emergency c-section due to apparent Cephalo-Pelvic Disproportion, meaning that my pelvis was too small for his head to fit out of - which resulted in Jaycen becoming distressed and both of us becoming Tacchychardic after a total labour of 41h 31min from the moment contractions started. A vacuum extraction was attempted twice before the c-section was done.
    I also suffered from constant all day sickness (half nausea/half throwing up for every day) for 30 weeks out of the 41wk+5d of the pregnancy.

    Baby's Name: Elise Prudence Elizabeth
    Baby's DOB: 30th of March 2011 @ 40+2
    Baby's Stats: (e.g. birth weight, length, head circumference) 8pound (3.65kg), 52cm long, HC 34cm, apgars - 1min: 5, 5min - 10
    Angel Babies: 4wk 3d January 2010, 5wk 3d March 2010 (both between Jaycen and this bub) & 4 prior to Jaycen.
    Notes: ms started early (had it right from the start) and left around 18wks, came back again in the last 10 weeks.
    Several bouts of bleeding leading up to 13ks, numerous scans couldn't find the source.
    Constant BHs all throughou the pregnancy, resulting in several hospital visits, including one lot of real contractions around 21wks lasting for 6-7 hours and leaving me shaky ans sore for over a week which caused me to loose part of the plug.
    Diagnosed witg GD at 31wks, started insulin around 34wks.
    Had the membranes artifcially ruptured at 40+2 after 3.2wks of constant irregular contractions (pre-labour) and she was born 4hrs 43mins later in a successful VBAC delivery. he cord was wrapped once around her neck and she had made a 300 degree turn during labour to end up in the anterior position.
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    Jan 2010
    South Australia

    Member: Chuckie
    Baby's Name: Pearl Iliana
    Baby's DOB: 9 September 2010
    Baby's Stats: 2790grms 46cms
    Angel Babies: 7weeks - August 2009, 13weeks October 2009
    Notes: I had a really big bleed at about 13weeks with Pearl - I was sure it was all over again but miraculously she was fine. Was in hossie for a week and on bed rest for another week. She was also breech and we were scheduled to have a c-sec at about 39weeks but she had other ideas and my waters broke at 37weeks so we ended up having an emergency c-sec. We are so lucky to have a happy and healthy little girl - if you are trying have had problems there is definantly light at the end of the tunnel.