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Thread: Whats normal???

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    Default Whats normal???

    Hi everyone, well i went to the specialist yesterday for another u/s. he said is going well. yay!!! i still have that clot there and he seems think i prob wont pass it, it will prob just fade away...
    so my measurment for out little bub was last week 7.0mm an this week 11.1mm is this going along okay, i am just so nervous coz i have had 2m/c and never made it pass 8 weeks. he said i am prob about 7w1d. also there is a good heartbeat and i am going back next thursday for another check up.
    if anyone has any advise or anything please let me know.
    thanks for taking the time to listen, xxoo

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    No real advice i guess all i can say is that it is totally normal to be scared! You are doing everythig you can. Try to relax and take some time out for yourself and grow your baby the best you can! :hugs:

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