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    Ok all......... Well Perionatelogist office just called me to schedule Gentic counseling and aminocentisis. Listen to this..... I have an OB appiontment on August 16 at 10:30 am, then Gentic counseling on August 17 at 8:45 am then Amino schedule for August 18 at 10:30 am.......Is this crazy.........Do they only schedule like this in the US??????? They say after the amino to rest for that day and the next......... Anyone ever had an amino....... Let me know..... Thanks ladies.

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    I've had 2 amnios and both times everything went like clockwork. Completely pain free and absolutely no problems after.
    But that was me and everyone is different. I can't guarantee that you will regard it as pain free. I think slight cramping and localised pain after the procedure is perfectly normal but I was lucky enough not to have either.

    Best of luck and have a good resr after your busy schedule.

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    Hi Tia,
    Like Debbie I have had 2 amnios and both were very uneventful.
    I have worked in a setting where amnios and other prenatal testing are performed and in my experience it differs to what you are describing. We kinda have a one stop shop if you know what I mean? A woman is referred by her obstetrician (or gp). When she presents to the clinic she is counselled by a genetic counsellor or nurse. During this session the ins and outs of the procedure of amniocentesis are explained and then what the test is for and what it can and can't show. All of this takes about 1/2 hour. Then an ultrasonographer will do a scan of your baby and then the foetal medicine obstetrician will do a further ultrasound check and the procedure.
    However the above will be different for each practitioner.

    Some clinics insert a local anaesthetic prior to inserting the needle that removes about 20mls of amniotic fluid. It has been found that generally the insertion of the local is more painful than the needle to extract the amniotic fluid. I have had it done both ways and prefer no anaesthetic but that is a personal thing. The obstetrician will insert the needle under ultrasound guidance to ensure the needle doesn't go near your baby. Usually the procedure is over in about 10 minutes. I would describe it as uncomfortable but certainly not painful. I found it to be an emotional experience. I wasn't scared as I understood what would happen but I felt emotional. After resting on the table for about 10 minutes you will get up and go home. Some women will experience some cramping after the procedure and fewer will experience some fluid loss. HOwever the women who experience this isn't great.

    You can request a Fish test which will check the most common chromosomal disorders and your babies sex. The turn around for this result in Australia is 24 hours. In Australia the full result will be given at around 10-14 days.

    I will be thinking of you when you have your amnio and I look forward to hearing your good news.

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    I know Gigi had a thread on Amnios which you may find helpful, Tia. I hope you get some useful information at the counselling and that all goes well! I'll be thinking of you.

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