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Thread: 16weeks -yahhhhhhh

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    maggie Guest

    Default 16weeks -yahhhhhhh

    Hi All

    Well 16weeks today havent felt any movement, wish i could though, =just then i know that all is ok., belly size has not changed in 2weeks. wish it would , this is annoying as i want to see growth, even if it a little bit only.

    Last night, i felt so yuk, just had a pukey taste in my mouth, have no idea what brought it on, as i have hardly suffered any m/s.

    My boobs are still sore, and when i take off my bra at night, i have to hold them, as they throb, wonder if they will calm down.

    Well 3 more wks, til my nxt scan. My DH and i are convinced its a female, fast heartbeats etc, and my TCM lady, said its defi a girl, so we think that we may find out the sex. many freinds have tried to talk us out of it, but hey it is our choice. and like i said i am convinced its a girl. just need to get the movements happening,

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    Fraser Guest


    ah I remember feeling the same way at 16 weeks - couldn't wait to feel something move, or a bump and at least see a bump!

    I don't think I felt any movement until about 18 weeks or so - having said that you could be getting flutters and not realising what they are, that happened to me a few times - I just thought it was wind! but when I read stuff on here I realised it was fluttery baby movements!

    You're on the cusp of the fun stuff!


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    maggie Guest


    thanks, must admit on sat, i had this feeling on the left hand side, first of all i thought it was just cramping/stretching, but it didnt feel painful, it lasted about a minute, it was like butterflies. then i wanted it to happen again for i could take it in a bit more . saturday ight in bed felt it again, but still dont know if it was the beginning of movements or just ligament stretching. a part of me is praying it was the movements. so we will see in the next week or so if it happens again....

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    Yes Maggie, that's movement alright hun, it's weird at first then it's real kicks and sometimes they hurt, especially if under the ribs!!!!!

    Sounds like all is going well for you mate, and I hope you get more flutters.

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    maggie Guest


    wow thankk nadia, have not felt it since, and no more ligament stretching the last couple of days.. wow at least i know things are going ok, thanks heaps..... \/ \/ \/ \/ \/

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