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Thread: 17weeks pregnant and I have croup!

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    Default 17weeks pregnant and I have croup!

    Hey guys and gals

    I'm terrifed at the moment as gemma and I keep getting sick(we had gastro just 3 weeks ago!) and I'm 17 weeks pregnant and am terrifeid as I have croup of all things! I know its viral but does it affect unborn bub? Probably a stupid questiong but lack of sleep and worry has made me go a little nutty! And what on earth can I take?

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    You poor thing! First I would be going to your GP, Once he gives you something for it, double check with your Ob that you can indeed take it. Even ask the chemist when you get it. On top of that call Mothersafe, which is the most upto date mob with which drugs are safe for PG & BFing mothers to take.
    Keep your fluids up also. Get your mum or someone around to help look after you & your DD that way you can both rest up as much as possible & get better nice and fast.

    You poor thing, get better soon...

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    Aww you poor thing. I am afraid I can't help you with what you can take, but as Fiona has said see your GP and then OB. I hope you and Jemma feel better soon. Take care.

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