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Thread: 19 week scan - issues?

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    Question 19 week scan - issues?

    Hi I just had my ultrasound scan at 19 weeks. Everything seemed fine except the femur length was a few days behind the average and the biparietal diameter (measurement across the head at a certain point) was about 1.5 weeks ahead of average.

    They have booked me in to go back in 2 weeks to check the sizes again.

    Has anybody had anything similar?

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    Yeah i had a similar thing but mine was the opposite. My baby's leg length was spot on and the head was measuring 1.5 wks behind my dates.

    This worried me especially when people started asking "is that normal?" I had my babys growth checked a couple of times after this particular scan and my baby has now caught up again.

    At the time both the scan technician and my OB told me that by the 19 wks scan baby is taking on its own genetic characteristics and so dating at this scan is not accurate. Like your baby might be going to have short legs, mine is going to have long legs apparently.

    Of course it can mean other things, i am just telling you of my experience and what i was told. But if there was anything seriously wrong im sure the scan technician would have said something.

    Good luck for the next growth scan

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