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Thread: 19 wks: Safe to Sleep on Stomach?

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    Default 19 wks: Safe to Sleep on Stomach?

    hello (again!) guys...

    before pregnancy i always slept on my tummy, and now obviously i dont... but quite often i will wake up and have rolled over onto my stomach and been sleeping on it... when i wake up my stomach does feel just a little uncomfy... but i just wondered, is it really really bad to sleep on your stomach when pregnant? Obviously i dont do it intentionally, as it is not comfy at all, but if i roll over in my sleep there isn't much I can do about it, until i wake up!

    Thanking u all in advance xx

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    I say it's fine, because I still read lying on my tummy. It has started to get a little uncomfy, but if your body is doing it then it can't be that bad. I tend to roll onto my back when asleep and figure my body is sensible enough not to do anything damaging whilst I'm not awake doing stupid things to it. Soon you won't be able to sleep on your tummy at all, so enjoy it while it lasts!

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    Don't stress about it Emma. I'm 24 weeks and still tend to sleep on my tummy at times. If it's comfortable, do it. If it's NOT comfortable, don't do it. I find that sometimes when I do it the baby gives me a good kick and I know I'm pushing my luck so adjust my position. There was a similar thread not long ago and from memory, several BBers sleep on their tummy through pregnancy. HTH.


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    I'm still sleeping on my tummy a lot of the time - on the whole it's still comfy, although if I've got a full bladder it seems to make me cramp IYKWIM.
    I worried aboout it initially - hoping I wasn't going to give bub a spinal cord injury or anything, but I'm sure he/she just swooshes around in the amniotic fluid to find enough room.

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    I've been told its ok to sleep on your tummy, but if you can feel baby moving around heaps more than usual when you do it then its best to not sleep on tummy. Thats what I've been told.
    I like sleeping on my tummy, but I find it too uncomfortable now, at 20 weeks so I sleep on my side.

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    i always sleep on my tummy. i imagine it will get uncomfortable in the coming months though.

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